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A testimonial about our BreatheEasy Lung Exerciser, Sleep Apnea and CPAP!
October 28, 2019
Hello Friends!

CPAP No More! Improved Breathing Using Our BreatheEasy Lung Exerciser Reduced the Ted's Sleep Apnea Score

Hello Friends!

Last week we receive another wonderful testimonial that I wanted to share from Ted in West Virginia! He's been a long time customer of our BreatheEasy Lung Exerciser and actually exports several at a time to friends in Australia.

We hadn't really spoken before, so it wasn't until recently that I got to know Ted's story as I have been encouraging customers to offer up their testimonials. This benefits others searching online for products and education that make a difference.

In fact, the reason why we even make and sell the BreatheEasy is because of my personal testimonial which I will also share in this email....actually I have two!

If you're not familiar with this lung exerciser, or have never heard of one (like me six years ago), it's a device that restricts airflow while inhaling and exhaling.

"How is that an exercise?"

A breathing restriction triggers you to consciously make the diaphragm work harder (and the abs, too, during exhale). While breathing is normally something "automatic", once there is a restriction, then it becomes an intentional act to overcome the limited airflow. This means you're telling the muscles involved to work harder.

Our product is infinitely variable, from way too easy to impossibly hard. In other words, the easiest setting is nearly restriction free while the hardest setting completely closes off the airflow.

The other factor in how much value you get using this is how hard you exert against the restriction. For example, if you don't try very hard to exhale, all the muscles involved won't work hard. Or, forcefully push the air out and you can feel your abdominal muscles become rock hard. So the air valve setting is one part of the equation and your exertion is the other part.

It's a bit of science and art so, once you get the hang of using this simple device, you'll quickly see that you can achieve results that are NOT possible without it. Being "winded" from intense exercise like running up a hill, for example, is not the same as consciously making your diaphragm pull down deeper than ever before, over and over, for 1, 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Both are great to do, but what if you can't run sprints due to a physical limitation or can't get to a place to exercise intensely?

With the BreatheEasy, you determine the time, and the place, because you can use this device anywhere! It truly is a device that can help anyone, any age, any condition. Breathing is "life" and what helps breathing helps "life".

Ok, let me share my two stories real quick, then top it off with Ted's?

I first came across this device several years ago when a friend of mine showed me something he had created. He had no intention of doing anything with it and said I was free to run with it. So I sourced better parts and made my own. Voila! The BreatheEasy was born!

Also about that same time, I had gotten a Pulse Oxymeter for measuring my blood oxygen level and the number I got was usually between 95-97%. I had no idea that that was low. I've had breathing problems all my life, including asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis. I've never been a smoker.

I simply figured anytime that I was wheezing, it was because of my asthma. It's the kind of asthma where when I would do aerobic activity, especially in cool air, I would have to stop for lack of air. I used to take a medicine as a kid for this but later stopped when I was around 16 as I didn't need it anymore. I don't know why, just didn't need it.

Well, with the very first day of use, I felt like a million bucks! Truly, I felt renewed. And I'm someone that exercises frequently, doing sprints up hills, skating, swimming, etc... But this time something was different. I checked my blood oxygen and now it was at 99%! My best guess is that my lungs might have been partially stuck together, restricting my capacity a bit, preventing me from getting all the oxygen I needed. At the time, I can remember being a pretty shallow breather as life was a bit stressful for me.

Later that week, I traveled to a city at about 7000' elevation and noticed that I didn't feel the altitude like before. That was another confirmation!

With all of these indicators, I knew this was a winner and created my own version of it, offering it for sale at an affordable price, backed up with my commitment to customer service.

Fast forward to last summer....I was getting ready for a 6-day hiking trip in Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks and most all of the hiking was going to be between 7000-8500' above sea level. Being from Florida, I'm not used to that.

Besides hitting the StairMaster many times a week and taking 6 mile hikes to break in my boots, I got the idea to focus on using the BreatheEasy for the inhale.

I still would exert hard against the restriction while exhaling but after doing that a few times, that seemed to be enough. What I never did before, in the 6 years I've been using this, was to forget the exhale and focus on the inhale.

So I opened up the air valve on the BreatheEasy to the easiest setting. There's still a restriction, but it's not enough to make you feel like you're gasping for air. Just consciously make the diaphragm exert more and you get enough air. The next thing was that I made the diaphragm pull down more and more and more.

I was actually shocked at how far down it could go. "Come on, Diaphragm, you can do it! A little more!" It actually felt like I was coaching it to pull a little more, to not give up.

As I did that, I could feel over the next few days that it was getting stronger and that my breathing was getting freer and freer. But another benefit happened that I wasn't expecting. I was feeling super relaxed!

I should've known better all along because I've done different breathing protocols over the years but I simply never connected the BreatheEasy to something like "meditation" and "relaxation". For me, it was for exertion, primarily the exhale. Not anymore! Now, 95% of my use of this device is for inhalation.

And it's easy to do this while sitting, reclining, or laying bed to get into meditation because deeply inhaling MANUALLY shifts the body from the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system to the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. Breathing is the FREE way to calm down and really one of the best ways!

So fast forward to my camping trip. It was 44 miles up and down 2000 ft.+ verticals, with a 25 lb. day pack over 6 days. As soon as I would start up a grade, I would inhale as deeply as I could to stay ahead of my oxygen needs and usually I could make it up to the top of where I was going without stopping or stopping once. I would find a pace and stick to it.

BTW, another thing I noticed is that I never felt any lactic acid burn in my muscles which tells me that I was getting enough oxygen. Lactic acid forms when the cells have to use fermentation to make more energy than they can using oxygen alone. So the combination of oxygen metabolism (aerobic) and fermentation metabolism (anaerobic) = the total amount of energy produced. Lactic acid burns, meaning it's not good or sustainable. I never had that burn the whole week...amazing!

I also NEVER HAD ANY INDICATION OF MY ASTHMA! Not one time did my breathing constrict. AND, the days went so quickly even though they were rigorous and I credit that to the deep breathing triggering the relaxation even though I was exerting myself physically all day. It was a "hiking meditation".

Post-vacation, I decided to keep doing the conditioning that I was doing before, and that includes using my BreatheEasy most days. I keep one in the car which is the easiest place for me.

Now for Ted's testimonial! It's the kind of story that keeps me motivated to look for more ways to help more people!

"Best buy on the internet. Been doing breathing exercises for over two years now. No more snoring, sleep apnea events down from 32 to acceptable 11, no more CPAP machines. More energy, never out of breath anymore, The BreatheEasy Exerciser is great. Get one and use it. I use mine 30 to 60 minutes a day at times that would normally be wasted, driving and watching TV. It will work, use it!"

Thanks Ted!

We offer this product at about $20 and always have our Buy 3, Get 1 FREE special every day! Here's the link to our site: BreatheEasy Order Page
That's all for now! If you have testimonials, comments or questions to share, please contact me at the email link below.


Ron "Andrew"

FDA Disclaimer: All information presented is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. There is NO intent to treat or cure disease. Consult a physician before use.

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