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Colloidal Silver Starter Packs - Sprayers, Flasks, and Droppers + Savings of 25%!
September 14, 2016
Hello Friends!

Starter Packs - Bulk Jugs of Silver Hydrosol + Sprayers, Flask and Dropper in One Convenient Purchase!

Several months ago, we realigned our business model to simplify our offerings while still providing our customer friends the ability to enjoy all the same products.

We did this by teaching our customers to make our Lavender and Oral Blast Sprays and providing the empty bottling at a nominal cost, and to use over and over again, refilling from our half gallon jugs.

The results have been excellent! We've been able to avoid big increases in overhead by not investing in bottling equipment for sprays.

Each Starter Pack includes:

1 - 1oz Spray Bottle (pocket oral spray) 1 - 2oz Spray Bottle (purse oral or lavender spray) 1 - 4oz Spray Bottle (home/office lavender or topical spray) 1 - 16oz Flask (easy size for daily supplementation) 1 - 2oz Dropper (ears, eyes, minor wounds, etc...)

Then choose how many Half Gallon Jugs of Silver Hydrosol:

Starter Kit w/ 1 Half Gallon Jug - $55 Starter Kit w/ 2 Half Gallon Jugs - $90 (Save 10%) Starter Kit w/ 4 Half Gallon Jugs - $145 (1 FREE, Save 25%)

Visit our homepage at to order!

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