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Summer Sale - Buy 2 Half Gallons, Get 1 FREE! Plus more!
June 07, 2017
Hello Friends!

2017 Summer Sale! Enjoy!

We wanted to kick off the summer season with a bang! So we created this special offer and an upgrade to it.

You may already be aware that our EVERYDAY special on most products is "Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!", but we are going to one up that! Here it is....NO LIMITS! Offer expires June 15th! :-)

Option 1: Only $99!

- Buy 2 Half Gallons, Get 1 FREE! Save 33%

Option 2: Only $111! (Best Value!)

- Buy 2 Half Gallons, Get 1 FREE + Starter Pack

The Starter Pack includes:

- A filled, sealed, 16.9oz Flask of Colloidal Silver to refill again and again, - Empty 4oz, 2oz, 1oz fine mist sprayers - Empty 2oz eyedropper - Silver spray recipes, just add your favorite essential oil

Select Quantity

Video - Intentions and Wishes - How to Fix Them for Happiness

Thanks for being part of our Customer Family and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments anytime at (not gmail)!

Ron "Andrew" Souther

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