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Coronavirus - What are your defenses? How to boost immunity.
February 05, 2020
Hello Friends!

Coronavirus - What are your defenses?

Hello Friends!

I doubt there is anyone of age that hasn't heard about the Coronavirus outbreak and at least wondered about if it's going to be a threat. This short blog post will summarize how incredibly ready our bodies are to handle viruses (and other pathogens) very well if only we would understand how to keep our defenses robust naturally.

Here's a rundown for some of the many layers of our immune system. Each layer plays a critical role! The good news is that we can take the lead instead of falling for the hysteria of the moment.

Our Noses

Did you know that your nose is one of the first lines of defense against pathogens? And are you consistently breathing through your nose 24/7/365? I hope so!

Let's take a quick look at "nose breathing"....

The nose uses at least four mechanisms to protect us from viruses and other intruders. The cilia is one of them and they are tiny hairs that traps particles. As air enters into the sinuses, another feature spins the air, which helps particles come in contact with the cilia.

Also in the sinuses, Nitric Oxide (a gas) is released into the incoming air to inhibit the replication of pathogens (in addition to also opening up our airways and blood vessels, improving oxygen delivery throughout the body).

Finally, the sinus fluid is a constant flow from the sinuses, into the throat and then into the stomach where the viruses and other pathogens likely will get killed by stomach acid. If not, a healthy gut is a barrier to absorption of them.

How to maximize this line of defense in our immune systems? Consciously make sure you are always breathing through your nose. "But my nose is stuffy all the time." That may simply be because you're a mouth breather and the sinus fluid doesn't have the airflow through the nose to pull it into the throat. Blow your nose a few times, then make sure every breath is intentionally through your nose and you'll feel the fluid enter your throat on its way to the stomach. And at night, you can gently tape your mouth shut with 3M micropore tape to prevent mouth breathing too!

To view this from another angle, if you breathe through your mouth, you're NOT trapping pathogens at all but actually pulling them deep into your lungs where they can become very happy and multiply.

The mouth is for eating, drinking, and speaking. It's actually not for breathing except in rare circumstances like intense burst of activity like running or fighting for your life, or high intensity brief exercising like sprinting. Other than that, breathe through your nose to protect yourself from pathogens.

Please read this blog post for much more information about nose breathing vs. mouth breathing!

Vitamin C

Everyone has heard of Vitamin C but hardly anyone knows how to use it properly and why. Here's a quick overview:Ever notice that it's extremely rare to see an animal have a cold or flu? I have and wondered why over the years. And are you hearing about all the animals that are dying from the Coronavirus? Nope, because these outbreaks are a threat to humans for a very good reason....humans (and primates and guinea pigs) don't make their own Vitamin C. The rest of the animal kingdom does.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, meaning that it gives toxins what it wants....electrons. A toxin is something that harvests electrons from healthy tissues. C comes to the rescue by providing the electrons to the toxins. When that toxin is no longer hungry, it is no longer a toxin, and no longer "eating" healthy tissue. A sore throat is an example of this.

C sacrifices itself in this process so more C is needed while the fight continues and for daily maintenance as everyday there are trespassers to deal with.

We store a small about of Vitamin C in our adrenal glands, and our bodies are absolute masters as detecting and squashing pathogens long before any visible symptom is felt. Animals that make their own C increase production of C as needed to defeat the pathogens, then reduce C back to normal levels once the threat is gone.

Our bodies want and need more C too! The problem is that for some reason our bodies don't make it. With our human intelligence, we can easily fix this problem simply by making sure we consume C daily in our diets to keep our C reservoir full so that our bodies have this tool to fight a pathogen from the earliest moment it's detected. This is why people that take C daily suffer many fewer colds and flus, if at all!

And then at the very first sign of a symptom, like swelling glands in the throat, we simply need to increase C consumption to HOURLY. The way you know that you're getting enough C is when your bowels get watery. Excess C is flushed away.

Many believe that C does not work against viruses. This is simply not true at all. Click here to sample just one of many research studies that demonstrates the many capabilities of C.

Fun Fact: Why is C called "C"? Because if was the 3rd vital compound critical to survival. Vitamin A was the first discovered, B's were the 2nd and then C was the 3rd.

The Gut

What is the gut? It's where we process food and drink before absorbing the nutrition. For example, all proteins have to be broken down into amino acids before they can be inside the body. If not, these proteins are treated as hostile trespassers even though they are not actual pathogens.

We have a gut-blood barrier and research says that this barrier is actually 80% of our immune system! But what is this barrier exactly?


The bacteria in our gut holds themselves together tightly in what are called "tight-junctions". They are a community, working together for us. In fact, research points to the gut as really an ancient type of "brain" and it is connected to the brain in our heads by the vagus nerve. Ever have a "gut feeling" about something? Maybe this explains why!

A healthy gut not only has a wide diversity of types of bacteria, but also it is tightly woven together to prevent bad things from entering into our bloodstream. Whatever does sneak through the barrier and into the blood becomes the job of Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, white blood cells, fevers, phlegm, and other methods to destroy or flush out of the body through excrement, urine, coughing, sneezing, or sweating.

How to ensure the gut is healthy? Two things. Eat fermented foods like apple cider vinegar, pickles, etc.., and avoid all non-organic foods because of the contamination of glyphosate that is found in industrial pesticides and herbicides. Glyphosate is a patented antibiotic and it not only kills plants but also the gut flora, which actually is a plant too!

When the gut is unhealthy, it means it is a "leaky gut", constantly allowing bad stuff into the bloodstream and therefore the body. Over time, this exhausts our other immune system defenses and the end result is "autoimmune disease".

Other Supplements to Use:

Quickly, in order to further boost immunity, take Vitamins A and D daily, Lugol's Iodine solution, colloidal silver hydrosol (yay!!), zinc, plus increase respiratory muscle strength with our BreatheEasy Lung Exerciser.

FDA Disclaimer: This post is not intended to treat or cure any disease. It's for educational purposes only.

Best Wishes Always!


FDA Disclaimer: All information presented is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. There is NO intent to treat or cure disease. Consult a physician before use.
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