by Jim Mikula
(South Pas, CA)

Everything said below is strictly the opinion of one person and dose not necessarily have basis in fact. Like any opinion its up to the individuals who see, read, and hear them to make up their own minds. These are not accusations or slanders they are matters of personal opinion of the individual who typed this message, these opinions can include personal biased judgments based on what the individual feels from personal experiences in their life or education and be about the product and those who make it, sell, distribute, ect. It is my understanding that if you do not agree with these or for any reason you may remove this post or prevent it from being maid public on your web page.

That is I think a normal looking mouth in the photos on this page, however when it is currently linked via bing search and labeled as a swollen saliva gland under the tongue. I dont believe your product is anything other "snake oil" in other-words I dont believe it has heath benefits, you state your not heath professionals anyhow so why are you making such clams and not having a heath professional on staff to answer medical questions with a so called heath product you sell? Is this lega? maybe, but seems like a grey line you all are walking on.. of course I guess the statement at the bottom makes it okay right? "The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. " call it what you will but I believe its shady practicing, because its clearly In my opinion from everything else on the web-page meant to encourage those interested in there heath to try it.. so how can this not be intended to do anything like that.. its like supplements I suppose, so loosely regulated when things with hardly or even no medical or even nutritional value can pass as supplements. Showing photos of someone who looks like a doctor or pharmacist on one page in the side banners and links to every e-curacy.. gee I wonder why someone (not you guys but others) may do this guess if a gov ever gets on your butts then you can just book it with the currency.. I dont understand how a a page can sell a product and say one thing but seemingly say another when you get to the fine print. this is not a legal issue but a moral issue in my opinion.. I find this product morally bleak.

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Jul 09, 2017

by: Ronald

The disclaimer at the bottom of each page is required by the FDA, not everything, but the statement that it's not intended to cure any disease. And this product isn't for curing disease. It's not marketed as such. It's marketed on the quality and price plus the money back guarantee.

IMO, silver is a needed nutrient that people in general are deficient in. This product is a way to increase the amount of silver in the diet.

Mental and physical health are both a mystery, proven by the fact that a clear cut, proven path to health doesn't exist. Drug companies run trials on groups of people trying to figure out just what their chemicals actually do in the body. And the statistics aren't in their favor, as 100,000's or more every year suffer or die from the side effects of bad medicines and/or protocols from doctors, yet this type of "medicine" continues.

So, to be fair, you need to be just as critical, if not much more critical about the accepted "health care" of drugs and surgeries as you are of natural supplementation. People are hurt or dying by the millions from failed protocols that are approved by the authorities.

Our products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We also do not advertise with fear grenades whatsoever. We describe how the product is made and ways to use it, but never promise an outcome EXCEPT your money back. All the testimonials are authentic, only edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

And such is life, trial and error, the pure scientific process.

If you've figured out 100% total mental and physical health, please publish your findings somewhere so we all can benefit? If not, then recognize that health care is not a known science but a mystery where doctors and patients try various amounts of this or that, then watching for the results.

But to date, neither the worlds of natural healing nor "modern medicine" have been able to stop all diseases, especially cancer, to a degree where it's completely predictable, just follow this protocol, whatever it is. So the quest continues with all modalities of healing....natural, chemical, placebo and surgeries, and combinations of all or any of the four.

Hence, the only guarantee in life is that it ends for all. Many of us are seeking to stay healthy for as long as possible, including myself. In fact, all the products offered are proven successes to me in my life, which is why they are offered. I don't sell anything that hasn't clearly helped me. And our prices are sub-wholesale for the purpose of helping as many people as possible afford it if they want to buy it and keep using it.

I hope this helps and thank you for dropping by.

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