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Check out this special! 3X Half Gallon Jugs + 2X Empty Bottling, Sprayers, Droppers $119!
February 03, 2017
Hello Friends!

This Special is Open to ALL!

Preppers are some of our best customers and we recently created a special tailored to their needs! This company has it roots in prepping so it's easy for me to understand their passion and their preparedness goals.

We wanted to extend this special to everyone on our mailing list as a THANK YOU for being our customer friends. It's a great deal for sharing with friends and family too since this deal can be easily split up.


Please also see that on our site we've added Silver Conductive Socks and Gloves, which are excellent for TENS/EMS/Rife machines plus wearing the socks all day and/or night provides a sense of calm from "grounding".

Best Wishes Always!


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