As a Human Being, Do You Ever Feel "Alien", Like You're Not From Here?

No, no, no....this isn't about UFO's, space aliens, alien human hybrids.....hang on....alien human hybrids, let's keep this term but not in the normal UFOlogy context.  I will explain later, but I use the word "alien" as the feeling of being "foreign" as in not being from here, not fitting in.

And also, I'm not writing from any ideological or theological perspective.  My daily efforts are to figure out facts from fictions in my daily life, to stay rooted here and now with the goal of living healthier and happier.  So, if I'm successfully conveying my message, it will seem original vs. a paraphrase of existing writings.  

So allow me to build my case by highlighting where I'm coming from since I don't have a traditional "identity" to speak for me (e.g., conservative, liberal, etc...).

Consistent and Broken Patterns in Life Reveal "Truths"

I noticed early in life that I enjoy an ability to spot very, very subtle patterns and contradictions in life, life being a combination of reality (what is true) and imagination (what we pretend to be true).  As a person grows from infancy into wisdom, more of what is true is realized, leaving less and less to be believed as true, hence an intelligent person makes less mistakes (self-inflicted suffering) than he or she did earlier in life.  An expert makes less mistakes than a novice.

Extreme Contrasts Also Help Us See "Truth"

Also, "contrast" helps us see more clearly, for example, hearing "contrasting points of view" helps us shape our own perspective on a topic.  So it's very helpful to collect ORIGINAL points of view (vs. repetitive dogmatic ones) when trying to grasp a more accurate realization of fact from fiction, truth from deception.  

My Simplistic View Of Life On Earth - Survival Of The Fittest vs. Love

In the context of feeling of being a human that feels "alien" on Earth, here we go....

Let's cut to the chase (pun intended), when I look at the environment I live in, I see an incredibly beautiful natural world in combination with a humanity that can't seem to figure out how to be happy, hence all the wars, politics, greed, self-sacrifice, etc....

But the beautiful natural world is also violent with predators that chase down prey for dinner!  Or an atmosphere that breaks out into thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes!  Or mosquitoes that suck our blood and spread disease.  And plants that have thorns, etc...  Even "gravity" that will take our lives if we fall off a cliff.  

But this same humanity that is so unsettled has another side....deep friendship and love (kind of the same thing!).  In the same human being there is the capacity to be a best friend (cooperative) or the worst enemy (competitive) of ANYTHING, including fellow humans, animals, plants and the whole of existence, and even within him or her own self.

Humans Have The Capacity to "Love"....Including Unconditionally

Love takes on various forms but the real stickler was trying to figure out if "unconditional love" truly existed.  That would be the "extreme" form of love, the hardest form.  

I struggled with that concept for decades and recently came up with the answer!  It's actually possible and really simple! 

"Unconditional love" simply means I truly and sincerely wish the "best for all", INCLUDING myself.  And I do!  In fact, anyone that's shopped from my colloidal silver store ( will remember that all my packing slips are signed "Best Wishes Always!" because I truly want the best for everyone.

But why would I wish the "best for all" for anyone wishing the worst for me?  While there's no one in my life that I view as my enemy, but I do recognize that the entire system is rigged against me (Big Pharma, our fiat currency system driving inflation, ongoing endless wars that suck the middle class of it's wealth in addition to loss of life, etc...).

So my "best wish" for all is that each and everyone of us lives WHOLISTICALLY healthy and happy lives.  I don't have to know anything about the person or even know the person to wish that person well.  That's unconditional love.  I don't know of any other kind.  

"Wholistic" not "Holistic"

When I say "wholistic", I mean what's good for all, the "whole", which includes me and you.  "Health" is good for all, "freedom" is good for all, "love" is good for all, in fact, "wholistic" and "love" are very much related.  

"Wholistic" isn't really an official word.  "Holistic" is usually the word used but that missing "W" makes the word look like it's rooted in the world "holy" which would be related to "worship".  This "holy" path leads one to make assumptions about life (beliefs) that can prevent one from being truly open minded to questioning the contradictions that all beliefs systems have.  

Habitual assumptions become one's "dogma", seriously limiting one's ability to evolve, leading to a life of repetition, which is not our true quality as humans.  Humans are creative beings by nature.  Who doesn't pick apart faults with something and try to come up with a better idea to solve it?   We all do that, every day all day, even when doing repetitive jobs we dislike.  

In fact, our "opinions" largely are our ideas for creating improvement....change.

Creativity means change, but change for the better, and better is "fun".  So when we are truly happy, it's in those moment when we were NOT repetitive, but rather enjoying new experiences, new revelations, new innovations, new ideas, new surroundings, etc...., that follow our authentic interests.  In other words, it's fun to explore a place of your choosing rather than be forced to be someplace you don't like.  

Best Wishes for All, No Exceptions....Even for Those Stuck in the Paradigm of "Survival of the Fittest"

Back to those that don't wish me well....I want the best for them....happiness and health, health and happiness, why?  Because evil is a sign of mental illness and unhappiness so if those that are evil can be healed to be healthy and happy, they no longer will be evil!  They will live and let live in their happiness, and true happiness wants happiness for others, which means a respect for each other's sovereignty which is tantamount to healthy human relations.   Evil, on the other hand, violates personal sovereignty in that it intentionally creates unnecessary suffering for others as a perverted path to some kind of happiness.

There's no happiness or health in a master/slave relationship so anyone truly wanting the best for all has no interest enslaving another or being enslaved!  Personal sovereignty and freedom then become seen as REQUIRED for happiness and health (in addition to other requirements needed to be fulfilled like nutrition).  Without freedom, happiness is impossible, and an unhappy life will lead to a life of chasing happiness because no one can go on living without hope of happiness.

"Live and let live" really means your sovereign, authentic self and help others do the same both by encouraging their sovereignty and by defending yourself against any attacks on your own sovereignty.  This actually leads one to be somewhat of an "activist" or "humanitarian".

Now, as a human person, I'm hurt when someone does NOT wish me well.  I don't like others to try to do me harm.  And in my healthy mental state, the LAST thing I would ever want to do is hurt another person, ever, but because humanity is largely ill, the need for "self-defense" means the possibility of using even lethal means to stop an attacker.   Self-defense is love for self and whoever else you're defending.  It's also love for the attacker because it helps neither me nor the attacker to allow the attack.  

Ut-oh!  I See a Contradiction!  (I'm Working Towards the "Alien" Feeling)

I see the "human being" as being essentially two-fold.  One is this magnificent body we have and the other part is the magnificent person we are.  

I can definitely see that I'm not this body because I can lose certain body parts and I'm still me, that the body is really organic technology for me to use, but that it requires my care of it in order to enjoy it (health and vitality), rather than suffer it (disease).  

And the body has different interests from me.  It's the body that hungers for food, thirsts for drink, etc...., not me.  I don't think about food until the body communicates "hunger".  I think about being creative and about doing something interesting.  Having to eat and drink are interruptions to exploring life, and sleep too.  But my vehicle requires these need to be fulfilled, otherwise it won't last long.  

So, I see the human person simply as the driver of this human vehicle, the body.  It's our vessel with which we get to explore creation, and to create using this existing creation.  So with this organic technology called "the body" we create another layer of technology which are all the tools we use to make life easier and fun (and in our struggle as a humanity, we create destruction too like wars).  

So what's the contradiction?   

The body is rooted in the "survival of the fittest" realm while the healthy human person seeks the win-win.   This realm is where one species eats another species for survival with the exception of plants, which "eat" the sun.  Animals and insects either eat plants or each other or sometimes both.  

So in one sense, I plant a beautiful garden, taking great care to help all the veggies grow to magnificence then I eat them.  Hard to have "best wishes for all" for the plant life!  Same with animals, that same livestock that I gave a name later became a steak.  If it wasn't for hunger, I would never kill plants or animals.

The cold hard reality is that many kinds of animals simply can't eat anything other than another animal.  So in this sense, there is no escaping the fact that predators exist like this except to eradicate them.  In other words, the existence of predators is NOT wholistic.  It's actually not good for the whole at all.  In my opinion, it's a flaw in evolution, is unnecessary and perhaps overtime these predators will become extinct as existence finds better ways.  

And the flaw is "evil intent" which follows the error of treating beliefs as truths.  The obvious extreme example is a suicide bomber martyring himself for some promise of eternal happiness.  Anyone with a healthy mind would reject this nonsense.  But regardless of what one believes how the natural world came to be, the fact remains that it is violent when it's not beautiful and beautiful when it's not violent.  

Human to human, I can envision a world where we cooperate rather than compete or self-sacrifice.  It's already really easy to survive as we've created technologies that make food and housing production efficient and affordable.  

Where neither food or housing is abundant is merely a sign of greed and poverty, not in our ability take care of each other.  Poverty on one end of the spectrum of humanity is contrasted by enormous hoarding of wealth on the other end.  Neither are necessary and neither produce happiness, but in our "survival-of-the-fittest" paradigm, the "fittest" are the hoarders of wealth.  

This isn't the contradiction I see

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