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The information on this page reflects many years of trial and error, seeking natural health care products and activities that made my life healthier and happier.   Just as all the products on my site are here because they made my life better, all these suggestions also made their mark on my well being!

Note:  I'm not a medical professional nor is this information intended to cure any disease.  I share it in order to help with your own research toward your own remedies.  This is for educational purposes only.  

Note:  I am not affiliated with any of the professionals mentioned below.   I learned from them and am sharing them here.

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss and Health - Dr. Berg

This video about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is not like most others on the topics of body pH.  After watching this video, I realized that I was making some errors in my thinking about living an alkaline lifestyle, helping to explain why I wasn't getting results I expected.  

I also was confused why certain acids are critical to health but that we're supposed to grab onto alkaline water and foods for wellbeing.   

This video connects a lot of those dots!  Dr. Berg makes a great point about body pH, that we are generally too alkaline, not too acidic, and that many of our ailments are from mineral build up in the eyes, joints, and organs, creating a catalyst for disease and weight gain.  

I love how I feel after taking ACV and how I feel is an indicator of doing something good for me.  I never feel bad from using ACV.   I dilute the ACV in water and also rinse my mouth after swallowing in order to protect my tooth enamel. 

 Body By Science - Dr. Doug McGuff - Once-A-Week Strength Training

This is my very favorite workout!  Once a week, 20-30 minutes, once-a-week strength building program for ALL ages and fitness levels!  

Here's the nitty gritty....Dr. McGuff explains how the ideal exercise is one that fatigues all the different kinds of muscle fibers at the same time.  It works!  The sweet spot, causing this simultaneous muscle fatigue, is to find the weight that can you slowly lift (7-10 seconds up, 7-10 seconds down), no jerking and no rest, where in 90-120 seconds of reps you're spent.  You only do this ONCE per exercise machine because the entire muscle was fatigued at the same time.  

The ideal weight ends up being about 70% of your maximum weight.  You don't need to find your max need to strain yourself.  The first time you do this routine, you simply experiment with lighter weights, trying to find the one that takes 90-120 seconds to totally fatigue your muscles.  Then you note that weight and the next week add a little bit to it and do one set again.  I also marked down the seat position on the machine so I can immediately have the correct position for my height.

In Dr. McGuff's videos on Youtube, he explains how this way of strength training intelligently causes the body to add strength, increase metabolism, and even aerobic capacity.  

He recommends doing five basic exercises and that you want to use machines.  Why?  Because you're taking your muscles to total fatigue and you don't want to worry about dropping a weight onto yourself.  

But I do more than five exercises.  I do about 15.  I use PLANET FITNESS, where they have excellent machines and only charge $10/month....what a deal!

Vitamin C - Dr. Andrew Saul Cured his Pneumonia in 3 Hours

Many years ago, I was coming down with strep throat, and I've had it so many times that I know my symptoms like the back of my hand.  Well, that day, as I was doing my endless research into natural health care ideas, I found this video where Dr. Saul shared how he cured his pneumonia in 3 hours by taking massive doses of Vitamin C.

(Again, this information is not intended to cure any disease...research this like I did and decide for yourself to see if you can benefit.) 

My impression was that big doses of Vitamin C could give me a heavy case of the runs, but I figured I would try to cure my strep throat with C.  I started with 2000mg/hour and had no bad reaction at all, so then I tried 3000mg the next hour and eventually took 5000mg/hour the rest of the day.  

My strep was finished that first day!  Usually, the second day of strep meant being down for the count, calling the doctor, getting the z-pack of antibiotics and spending a week or more getting better.  Now, this amount of Vitamin C never let strep to last more than the symptoms I get the first day (swollen glands).  I'm 5 for 5, killing strep like this.

My son also was coming down with strep that day, took 10,000mg/hour, and was over it in 4 hours.  

I travel a lot and strep is the only ailment that comes my way.  I don't catch colds or flus anymore.  Now with this awareness of C in large amounts, I don't suffer strep anymore when detected.  I use Ester C as it has bioflavonoids. 

Silver Conductive Socks - On Sale Here!

While researching issues related to diabetes in my search for natural health care remedies, I came across these Silver Conductive Socks, that are said to help diabetics with "neuropathy" or nerve damage.  

I view the nervous system as the electrical system of the body, so I instantly saw the connection as the bottom of the feet (and hands) are made for "grounding" which is the process of balancing body energies.  The typical results of unbalanced energies are often anxiety (stuck energy that needs release) and fatigue (more energy is needed but can't get where it's needed).  

I don't have diabetic issues, but I visited the regiment of "grounding" years ago, and, of course, I'm well aware of the healing properties of silver (not to mention that silver is one of the most conductive elements in existence of energy), so I bought a pair to experiment with.

I also had been experimenting with electromedicine (TENS, Rife) and these socks are for use with these machines too.  But the first time I put them on, I felt a sense of calm hit me and felt that these socks were giving me a "grounding" experience simply because this conductive material was surrounding my feet!  

I decided to try sleeping with them on and without a doubt, my sleep was deeper and better!  I shared pairs with friends and family and all have reported the same.   I even watched a fairly anxious person put them on and within minutes he fell asleep midday right in front of me!  That never happens to him.  

Anytime I wear dress socks, I wear these silver socks underneath and feel a sense of calm the whole time.  Think about it....most shoes have rubber soles that INSULATE us from the ground, from grounding....rebalancing.   In our morning shower, we likely rebalance (part of why a shower feels refreshing), then throughout the day with the shoes on, body energies get unbalanced leading to the need to seek relief in drink, comfort foods, exercise, bathing, sexuality and more to combat feelings of anxiety or fatigue.

Natural Health Care Videos by Dr. John Bergman

Dr. Bergman is a chiropractor in California and one of the most enthusiastic researchers and practitioners of natural health care remedies!  He has hundreds of videos on YouTube and is a genuine treasure trove of wellness and healing information.

From his website

Dr Bergman was propelled into Chiropractic by a severe auto accident, with 2 broken legs, fractured skull and sternum along with several organ injuries. With great need and a passion for healing and regenerating Dr Bergman began studying the body’s recovery process.

Our BreatheEasy Lung Exerciser - On Sale Here!

A couple years ago, I met a fellow natural healing researcher and he told me I need to get a lung exerciser.  The one he used was $130 and I went hunting for something affordable.  I came across a simple design, tried it and in that first day of using it, my life was transformed!

When I was a teen, I was having trouble with a touch of asthma that I later outgrew in adult life.  From time to time I felt a bit of a struggle to breathe deeply when taking long brisk walks.  I just assumed it was that asthma.  It was annoying but whatever.

I also had gotten a pulse oximeter and knew that my normal sea level blood oxygen saturation was 95-97%.  I overall felt fine so I didn't think anything of it.   But in my travels, I went to Mexico City and saw my levels drop to around 90% at 7300ft above sea level and that I could feel the lack of oxygen.

Then I started using the lung exerciser and the very FIRST day, I felt like a new person!  I could breathe deeply and my blood oxygen level jumped to 99%.  Now I knew what my problem lungs were stuck closed to some degree and I just forced them open to enable full capacity.  That same week I went to Rio Negro, Colombia, also at 7300ft, and felt virtually no breathing issues.  

I also noticed that the next day my abs were sore!  Besides working the diaphragm muscle during inhale and exhale, the abdominal muscles get a great workout!  You control how easy or rigorous the exercise is.  

I started making this device for friends who got similar results and added it to our product line.

Sea Salt Flush - A Top to Bottom Rinse of Your Digestive Track

NOTE!!!   Do NOT NOT NOT use table salt.  Only use real Sea Salt, which is grey or pink.  I use Celtic Sea Salt.

I will let your research the internet to find specific instructions, but what this triggers is a purge of your stomach and intestines, out your bottom, with no cramps, no pain, no anything except a pressing desire to stay near the toilet for about an hour.

You probably know that if you're ever floating on the ocean, lost at sea, to never drink the sea water because it will cause dehydration.  Well, yeah, too much will cause you to flush your gut.

But as a natural health care remedy, this one is amazing.  Many people I talk to are interested in using an enema for internal cleansing but the sea salt flush is so much better because it is so easy and convenient.

What you do is mix PURE SEA SALT with fresh water (find the amounts online) and drink it quickly.  The hardest part of the flush is to drink sea salt water.  I often add some lemon juice. 

Then in about 20 minutes, the gurgles start.  If they don't then drink more sea salt water.  And from there, you will use the toilet maybe ten times over the span of an hour.  

Our bodies are mostly sea salt water, essentially.  We aren't ingesting anything that we aren't made of.  And in spite of a large intake of sea salt, I don't feel much of anything from all that salt because it's mostly being flushed right out.  

I do suspect that in the process, a lot of necessary minerals find their way into the body, which is excellent!  And sea salt water is an electrolyte so likely it helps the body rebalance energy.

DON'T USE TABLE SALT OR ANY OTHER KIND OF SALT!  Table salt is not salt in it's natural state, which means it's not compatible with our bodies.   I wouldn't use it for anything!  But definitely don't use it for this flush!  

Intentions - How To Fix Them For Happiness - by Me :-)

I made this video as a practical method for fixing "thinking".  So you could call it a mental health video?  A check up from the neck up?  

Simply put, happiness is the result of a win-win lifestyle.  It starts with win-win intentions, wanting the best for all including self.  Those intentions lead to win-win thinking, which lead to win-win ideas and actions, and then to win-win outcomes.  Happiness is a direct reflection of successful win-win living.

And flip it around.  Is happiness possible while being competitive?  Don't competitive (win-lose) actions create enemies around us instead of friends?  No, happiness is not possible seeking to win at the expense of others, nor is it possible through self-sacrifice...the idea that hurting self leads to positive outcomes for self and others.  

Awareness of the "Chills", Yawning, and Sneezing

As my search continued for healing methods using positive thinking, nutrition and exercise, I started to come across more and more things related to what you could call "energy healing".  I mentioned it above when talking about the Silver Conductive Socks.  

I had heard about energy healing before but never could grasp what it meant.  It wasn't until my research into colloidal silver that I started to get a feel for what this is, how easy it is, and why it's important.  

Energy healing is simply body energies rebalancing.  Where there's too much energy that is stuck, anxiety is felt.  When there's a lack of energy and energy can't flow there sufficiently, fatigue is felt.  

Simply put, anytime you feel the chills (like goosebumps or that momentary flush feeling), yawn, or sneeze, you're usually feeling the effect of what I consider to be the deeper immune system at work.  And think about it....don't you feel better after feeling these three things?  I know I do and then I figured out how to trigger this healing more or less at will.  I simply remembered what triggered one of these reactions.   For example, I will often look up at the sun, breathe deeply through my nose and more often than not, trigger a sneeze.  My record is 11 sneezes!  The sun is, of course, an intense source of a full spectrum of energy entering into the nervous system, perhaps clearing log jams where energy is stuck and replenishing energy where it is needed.

Additionally, I feel that the deepest part of the immune system is "conscious awareness", which is twofold.   One aspect is to question why any ailment or feeling exists.  By doing so, you're directly your physiology to recognize the issue and hopefully have a way to fix it.  I think this is the root of the "placebo effect" that simply placing conscious healing intention on a health problem leads to healing.

The second angle regarding "conscious awareness" that I see is to simply learn the lifestyle errors that are fostering these ailments and then making changes.  

The next layer of the immune system, IMO, is this energy healing, and perhaps the top layer of immunity relies upon dietary nutrition.   I'm sure there's more layers but these are just the ones off the top of my head.  

So in practice, QUESTION EVERYTHING, engage in simple energy healing methods (walk barefoot, shower, swim, exercise, deep breathing, massage, etc...), eat organic raw fruits and veggies, etc..., and seek win-win intentions, thinking, actions and outcomes always.   

Silver and Copper Coins and Jewelry

In addition to the the energy healing ideas above, I noticed often that when I held silver and copper (coins or jewelry), I felt energy move which means rebalancing.  I started seeking out sterling silver (92.5% silver and usually the rest is copper) and copper coins and jewelry to experiment with.

I usually now wear a silver necklace and a silver and copper bracelet, often feeling some chills when I put them on, but not always.  It's now truly apparent to me why these metals have been valued throughout human history, including today!  What home or technology doesn't have copper pipes and electrical wiring, and silver in microelectronics, jewelry, etc...?

Here's the wonderful thing about these two metals....both have antibiotic properties.  Now realize that for 1000s of years, until recently, these metals were used by most everyone as money, so most people touched them throughout the day, likely disinfecting their hands and fingers.  And additionally, the intense electrical conductivity of these metals provided a path for energies to be rebalanced to some degree while handling.  

Growing up, my grandpa always had a silver dollar in his pocket.  I'm not sure if he was thinking of silver as a healer but he definitely would touch it and benefit from it throughout the day.  I've started to do the same, knowing that it's a beneficial tool.  And I wonder if the paper and plastic money that replaces these metals, void of these health benefits, makes it harder for us to stay healthy?

My impression about silver and copper jewelry also is that they are energy filters, helping to fix problems in the blood and lymphatic fluids as they circulate through the energy fields of the metals.  It would seem to explain why we wear rings, bracelets and necklaces and why I often feel an effect when putting these on.  I don't feel anything from gold or steel.  

Here's a video about silver and gold as real money....Mike Maloney is an outstanding teaching of all things money and currency!  This video series will help your financial health!  You might even find yourself buying silver coins to keep in your pocket for health!

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