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Tips for Cleaning:

-        Before first use, take a moment to give the device a good rinse.  No need to take it apart. 

-        The best way to keep it clean is prevention…so FIRST brush your teeth or chew gum (& discard the gum BEFORE use device to avoid inhaling the gum) to remove food particles.

-        The device is waterproof.  There’s no need to take the mouthpiece off for cleaning.  Better to leave it on.  The label under the mouthpiece will get damaged as well.  Rubbing alcohol is fine as well.

-        There’s also no need to unscrew the white plastic body from the green air valve.  But once in a while, you may want to remove the screw that holds the air valve on just to see if anything is there.  Likely, there won’t be and never will be with good hygiene and rinsing habits.  You’ll get the hang of it, how to clean and how often. 

Tips for Use:

-        The EXHALE will strengthen your abdominal muscles and diaphragm.  The increased air pressure fully expands the “balloons” that are your lungs.  The difficulty of the exercise is a combination of how closed the air valve is and how hard you exhale against it.  You’re looking for a combination that doesn’t restrict breathing too much so that you can get in 3-5 breaths before taking a break.  

-        The INHALE is easily overlooked but might be more important than the exhale.  Consciously and FULLY inhaling manually flips a “switch” in your nervous system, from anxious fight-or-flight shallow “sympathetic” breathing, to relaxed rest-and-digest deep “parasympathetic” breathing.  Open the air valve all the way to make it the easiest position, inhale as deep as you can and then try to inhale even more before exhaling.  You might be surprised that you can get the diaphragm to go down further.  Then exhale.  Keep repeating this for several minutes or longer and notice if you feel relaxed and that you breathing becomes easier.  As your diaphragm gets stronger inhaling, your breathing feels better.

Our best source of energy is from aerobic energy metabolism, which means oxygen burning with either ketones (fat) or glucose (sugar).  Ketones are preferred because they make more energy.  Check out the “keto diet” if you are unfamiliar.  The backup energy source in the cell is anaerobic (no oxygen), which produces lactic acid and free radicals.   We don’t want that.  Use this device to help the body breathe better so oxygen can get into the body efficiently.  Please contact us with any questions, stories, testimonials, etc…                  

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FDA Disclaimer:  Not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.  Consult physician prior to use.