Our Mission Statement

At Nature's Gifts, we are passionate about two things....Silver Hydrosol as a potent natural aid to our immune systems and to make this gift of nature affordable to everyday people.  

As our company continues to grow, we pledge:

  • to innovate more and more Silver Hydrosol-based products that complement our everyday needs while boosting our immune systems
  • to keep our prices low, making this potent gift of nature accessible to all
  • to build relationships with our customers
  • to exceed our customers expectations with every order
  • to continue always to make our products in the USA
  • to keep our company debt-free
  • to hire people instead of purchasing automation
  • to honor each and every customer as a partner in health, listening to their needs
  • to refrain from any sensationalism in advertising
  • to refrain from making any claims about our product being a cure (FDA won't allow it)
  • to never use any chemicals, GMO's, or artificial ingredients in our products
  • to make products that are effective
  • to offer a simple program for those interested in reselling our products
  • to offer education
  • to keep costs low by using our inhouse talents for new product development, web design, label design and printing, product manufacturing, bottling, packaging and marketing
  • to use only premium ingredients
  • to favor community over profit, assisting those in dire need with products for free or at cost