The Questions I Would Ask of "God"

My motto is "question everything".  And some of the most perplexing questions are about life and "God" is said to be the creator of life so these would be the questions I would ask of "God". 

As a kid, my mother sent me to Lutheran grade schools to keep me out the public schools.  So from kindergarten through eighth grade, I received daily reinforcement of their theology.  And for another 20 years I sat in a catholic church, listening to their theology nearly every week.  

My strength is to notice really subtle patterns that lead me to clarity and to notice really subtle contradictions that lead me to uncover deception or misperception.  So in spite of the daily reinforcement of religion early in life, it never took hold.  Too much of it didn't fit together.  Too many questions but without a forum to get answers or that the answers were beliefs too, in other words rationalizations instead of "a-ha!" moments of clarity.

A Belief that "God" Exists is the "Base" Religion of Religion

No religion exists without the idea that there is someone or something behind all that which exists.  It may be a god or gods, depending on the tradition.  But for the sake of this article, let's just call it "God".  Religions are based on some belief in God, which isn't a belief in God, but an idea that there is a God.  Beliefs are ideas and ideas are guesses, not truths.

In other words, if God is KNOWN, then beliefs don't exist.  Beliefs are our strong guess about what is true.  So if I believe in God, it's really that I'm guessing strongly that God must exist.  If I know God exists from conscious repeatable experiences in the present moment, then I no longer will believe that God exists, but know that God exists. 

And to believe so strongly leads one to ACT like the belief is true, and that's my definition of "religion".  Religion is the daily routine of pretending a belief is true.  But a lifetime of believing means a lifetime of not knowing.

Am I an Atheist?  Nope!  Nor Am I a Theist!  :-)

Don't I have to be one or the other?  Not at all.  

An theist is a believer, an atheist is a disbeliever.  I'm neither of these.  Believing and disbelieving are arenas of thought and I'm more interested in learning from experiences, not debating ideas as a lifestyle.  

So I'm free to question everything.  I'm not limited by logical arguments, in fact, it's the absurd that gets me thinking.  

For example, God created Adam, according to the story, but it seems that Eve wasn't intended to exist at first.  But Adam was a man, so that implies a woman exists.  Male and female were certainly part of the creation story, so why act like Eve was an afterthought, created from Adam's rib?

Inquiring minds what to know...

So that would be a question I would ask this "God".  Here are some more questions, asked with the ASSUMPTION that God exists....the premise is that it does exist....

Now, the Questions of God....

  • Where are you?  I ask because I don't want to be stuck believing, which puts me at the mercy of the theologians and against my true nature to wonder and inquire with an intent to KNOW, not believe.
  • Why do we need "religion" to know you and why are there hundreds or thousands of religions that all profess to know you?  Why don't you show yourself so that we don't need religion?
  • Why do you promise me happiness in heaven in exchange for obedience on Earth?  Why didn't you make Earth a happy place for us?  
  • Why did you make the Earth a place of "survival of the fittest", where predators animals and insects kill others, including humans, to survive?  
  • During the story of creation, on the day you created the plants and animals, why did you declare the results to be good when good means animals killing each other for survival?  Why didn't you create a vegetarian world?  Grass eaters seem to play nice with each other.
  • And because of this "survival of the fittest" natural world, do you understand that we are scared to be out in the natural world, out in the wild?  And even the weather can be violent!  Why?  
  • Why did you make humans capable of love and friendship yet create Earth again to be a home to hungry predators?  Why couldn't you make all animals and insects essentially harmonious, where we coexist consuming the endlessly abundant plants around us that convert sunlight into nutrition?
  • How can you know how to make humans capable of love, which means you're capable of deep love, yet place us in this violent environment where even humans kill humans over ideas, not over survival?   Survival is easy, abundance is easy....humans create technologies to make survival easy.  We go to war over beliefs and superstitions.  Why don't you show up in order to make believing unnecessary and obsolete?  
  • How do you know how to create merely by willing it to be so?  How did you learn to create all the elements on the Periodic Table, learn all the chemistry needed to create matter, and create all the biological processes that enable physical life, plus the ability to create and configure consciousnesses for every life form in nature, including the human person?
  • Why did you put Adam and Eve in a walled garden?  A prison?  And why were they forbidden to learn about life?  Why the eternal curse on your own creation?  Why such horrific treatment of them?
  • Why the flood, the mass murder of humanity?  Why are humans consistently disobedient to you?  (Perhaps, you're not actually god, but a ghost pretending?)  Did the flood happen or was it your evil dream of mass punishment?   And how did Noah get all the animals onto that ship?  Was that a metaphor for something else?  Why didn't you simply show up to humanity and introduce yourself, eliminating again the need for beliefs?
  • Why do Satan or Lucifer exist?  Why don't you remove these evil agents from existence?  Why did you treat Satan like a friend in the Book of Job?  Why did you brag to Satan about your pet human, Job?   Why did you hold Job up like some kind of trophy?
  • Why did you intentionally create suffering for Job to test his loyalty to you?  Why did you have Satan do it?  Why didn't you eliminate Satan then instead of give him a job to do?   Why don't you know everything, eliminating the need to test humans?
  • Why did you teach humans to sacrifice animals to you?  Why did killing your creation please you?  Why is the Old Testament filled with violent punishments like stoning people to death?  Why was slavery ok?  
  • Why did you enter into "covenants" (contracts) with humans?  You created us and then you had to enter into contracts with us in exchange for our obedience?
  • Why do you have a chosen people?
  • Why do we exist?
  • Why isn't our pure true nature good enough for you when you created our nature?  Why do we have to suppress how you made us in favor of rules you gave us?  
  • What's the point of the Immaculate Conception?  Why did you give us sex then give it such a bad name?   
  • Your great plan to save us from the curse you gave us in Eden was to incarnate as Jesus with the intent of being tortured and murdered on the cross, but only after performing a ritual at the last supper where ceremoniously the disciples drank your blood and ate your body.
  • Prior to the crucifixion did you as Jesus authentically heal the sick with nutrition and love, and be a fearless heretic to the establishment, questioning their religious practices that oppressed your chosen people?  
  • Why were you so filled with love in your life as Jesus, as the humanitarian activist but walk into your murder, first with the ritual of drinking your blood and eating your body, then being tortured and murdered the next day as though that is the peak of love, not the activism?
  • Why did you leave in the Ascension?  Do you know you failed to save us from your curse of Original Sin?

Finally, We Are Created in God's Image?

How can you say we are created in your image?  I'm not capable of the inflicted the suffering you've inflicted onto us.  I would never curse you ever as it's not in my nature.  In fact, I don't feel like I'm created in your nature because the last world I would ever create is one where it's inhabitants have to kill each other to survive!  

If I can see past this "survival of the fittest" nonsense, then it means my loving perspective is more advanced than your competitive lust, which means I didn't come from you!

IMO, you're simply one of many ghosts, playing with our thoughts, tricking us into obedience and when we aren't obedient, you get angry and throw a fit.  And you do have an origin and merely need to learn it, how you came to be, for what evil purpose, and review the human DNA to learn the entire history of evolution, of biology and of configurations of consciousness.  

In other words, know the truth and the truth will set all of us free!  

Question Everything!

From what I witness in live and in myself, the concept of "God", as it is taught to the masses, can't be true.  The human person (loving friend) is a mismatch for this dog-eat-dog world.  It's the story of Daniel in the Lion's is the Lion's Den and we are trying to not only survive but thrive.  And in this den, we've split up into competing groups, attacking each other....come on, really?  Is that the best we can do?

We have taken on "God's image" in that instead of rejecting this "survival of the fittest" way of living on earth, we imitate it unnecessarily!!  What have we gained?  NOTHING!   And if nukes finally find their way into mass use, we will lose everything.  All because we failed to be human.  

Thanks for reading!  I would be happy to hear your thoughts below!  

Ron "Andrew"

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