Colloidal Silver does work!

by Adam
(Medina, OH, USA)

I learned about the benefits of Colloidal Silver decades ago. I wasn't as health conscious back then so I didn't think of using it that often. When I searched for Colloidal Silver on Amazon, it seemed to be difficult to find a product that was both economical and had good reviews. While researching and reading reviews, a user suggested right in their review as being a better alternative to anything on Amazon. I purchased the half gallon for the first time years ago and I've continued to this day.

Silver is a natural anti-bacterial so I've used it topically for cuts, scrapes, etc. with very good success. I've even taken the recommended dosage orally for sore throats. Try it for yourself, there are many uses even as a cleaning solution for kitchen countertops to kill bacteria. I believe there are recipes right on the bottle.

I wouldn't keep using if I didn't see noticeable results so this review isn't just for fluff and I'm not paid to say anything. Best of luck!

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Dec 05, 2020
Thanks Adam!
by: Ronald

Thank Adam!

Feedback and stories like yours keeps up fully energized!

Please be sure to see our videos, one which is my personal testimonial of my first liberal use of ionic silver. I made the video in 2016 but the Herxheimer Detox took place in 2014 before I created this brand.

And more recently, I made this video to explain what the BreatheEasy Lung Exerciser is and how to use it. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

Ron "Andrew" Souther

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