Colloidal Silver healed my brother's leg ulcer

Hi all, I would like to share my testimonial with you. I was referred by a friend of mine and the concept of Colloidal Silver Hydrosol is hard to believe at first.

I wish I could post pictures of the wound I helped heal with the silver water. My brother began having circulatory problems after a mining accident years ago and developed an ulcer to the outside of his leg above his ankle. This wound was extremely painful, draining large amounts of purulent drainage and it grew quite quickly.

The pain was poorly managed with Dilaudid and still it wasn't enough. The doctors dressed the wound with Inadine (iodine) and was changed daily. The pain following the dressing change was horrible. I convinced my brother to allow me to do dressings with the colloidal silver water and I asked him to change it daily.

The first night, he thought the dressing had fallen off while he slept because he felt NO pain. The dressing was intact. I also encouraged him to drink the silver water 4oz breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. Within the first 24hrs the redness surrounding the wound had dissipated significantly. Within a week the wound was almost closed and he no longer needed the narcotic for pain management.

He continues to drink the water to this day (6 months later) as a form of maintenance plan. Why mess with a good thing.

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Sep 02, 2016
Silver is powerful
by: Elderly person

Hey! I really am glad you loved your brother so deeply that you sought out help for him and got the right silver medication.

I went through a year of leg ulcers and I had to have the dressing changed three times a week. They were using some kind of calamine lotion and it was not helping my excruciating leg ulcers. It got to the place where my bottom leg had no skin on it and I wanted to die, I cried as though someone was throwing boiling water on my leg. I was popping strong pain killers every four hours.

I became homebound and visiting nurses came to our home, and they changed my dressing into a SILVER Ag patch. This silver medication started healing my open ulcers right away. In 3 months my leg had healed buy was scarred badly. I ASK MY DOCTOR...why didn't you use the silver dressings from the begging??? His answer was that it was a costly medication and the overhead of the practice he worked for did not keep in stock Ag patches. Too costly...

He said that visiting wound nurses will use the best treatments because they want you to heal and to not be hospitalized. It's all about money...he also said there were all types of miracle medications out there that would heal patients but the cost prevents physicians from using them. It breaks my heart that so many suffer from ulcers...if you ever get one, you can tell others that you've been to Hell. The pain is horrific. God Bless you for helping you brother. Get the word out, so many are suffering and any med that has silver in it, works like a miracle.

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