Colloidal Silver Man Turns Blue - Let's Dig Deeper Into This

The story of a man that turned blue from using colloidal silver gives us a couple of lessons that aren't being told.

First, the guy turned blue from colloidal silver that was made terribly wrong by him and consumed obsessively for over 12 YEARS.  He used salt water and silver rods, a combination that leads to silver salts and large particles.   This is not how to make it!   If you plan on making it yourself, please contact me for recommendations!  You need computer controlled machinery, not batteries, salt, silver rods and water!

Particles may be small enough to enter the body but too big to leave it, and just as the silver salt in photographic film is light sensitive, so are these particles near the skin.  He screwed up and became the media darling for a propaganda campaign against colloidal silver, known for thousands of years to be useful in so many ways internally and externally!

His condition was complicated by his heavy smoking, which likely led to poor circulation that also has a bluing effect on the skin.  In his poor health, his body possibly was unable to pass large particles from his poorly made product.

Second, the story is normally told in order to scare people away from natural remedies and towards artificial medications.  Of course, no one wants to turn blue and that part of society and business that thinks medications and surgeries are "health care" love to scare people away from natural products.  There is no money in that which is easily accessible to the public!  

If we held "modern medicine" to the same standard as the fear mongers do to natural products, most all meds would be rejected outright by the public simply from reading the warnings and cautions about the side effects they have!  Perhaps a million people die from malpractice and meds, but that's ok.  One unhealthy guy turns blue and the sky is now falling!  

But what about the millions hurt or killed by medications?  From Dr. Mercola's site...

How Many Are Dying From Prescription Drugs?

Nearly 20 percent of Americans have used prescription drugs for non-medicinal reasons, three-quarters of whom may be abusing them. Legal prescription drug abuse is a silent epidemic, and is part of the reason why the modern American medical system has become the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. Authored in two parts by Gary Null, PhD, Carolyn Dean, MD ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Debora Rasio, MD, and Dorothy Smith, PhD, the comprehensive Death by Medicine article described in excruciating detail how everything from medical errors to adverse drug reactions to unnecessary procedures caused more harm than good.

Seven years after the original article was written, an analysis in the New England Journal of Medicine3 on November 25, 2010 piqued my interest -- the researchers found that, despite efforts to improve patient safety in the past few years, the health care system hasn't changed much at all. So, earlier this year, I updated the original Death by Medicine article, which, unfortunately, shows more of the same:

  • In a June 2010 report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, study authors said that in looking over records4 that spanned from 1976 to 2006 (the most recent year available) they found that, of 62 million death certificates, almost a quarter-million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors.
  • An estimated 450,000 preventable medication-related adverse events occur in the U.S. every year.
  • The costs of adverse drug reactions5 to society are more than $136 billion annually -- greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care.
  • Adverse drug reactions cause injuries or death in one of five hospital patients.
  • The reason there are so many adverse drug events in the U.S.6 is that so many drugs are used and prescribed – and many patients receive multiple prescriptions at varying strengths, some of which may counteract each other or cause more severe reactions when combined.

Here's an excellent video by Dr. Bergman about this same topic that Dr. Mercola touched upon above:

Our Opinion....

For one thing, I'm not blue and I consume our product liberally, without fear.  We don't have any past or present customers that are blue or grey.  

Our product is free of particles, free of salt, free of color.  Ionic silver is atomic sized....the smallest size possible.  To produce colloidal silver of this quality requires distilled-quality water and tightly computer-controlled silver generation.  Our equipment, in fact, will automatically turn off immediately when poor water is used.  We are not able to produce our product improperly.  We even purify our own water which includes de-ionization, a necessary step to prevent silver salts from forming even in the slightest amount.

We don't recommend making homemade colloidal silver (silver rods, batteries and tap water) except in an emergency and by emergency I mean post-disaster.   So long as we have access to electricity, clean water, filtration, etc..., colloidal silver can be made and consumed properly.  Using silver rods and batteries is guaranteed to make particles too big and in our opinion, all particles are too big!!  

If you plan to make your own, invest in the proper computer-controlled equipment that produces only clear colloidal silver, and only use distilled quality water that you buy or make.  That's what separates the commercial producers and the amateurs!  Get professional equipment to get professional results!