Colloidal Silver works if you use it correctly!

by Hubert

I would first like to share that you use colloidal silver CORRECTLY, this product can be good for many different ailments.

It is often the DELIVERY METHOD that matters the most. As an example, I was sick for weeks with a chest cold infection. I don't like to take medications or go to the doctor, so like many other times I have gotten sick, I took Colloidal Silver orally.

I did not get better like I expected so I thought to myself, "My infection is in the lungs, how can I get it there?" I took the Colloidal Silver and got ahold of an ultrasonic nebulizer and breathed the entire dose through my nose and deep into my lungs. The next morning I felt a lot better, I was not coughing as much and I felt the infection getting better. I continued to do it a few more times and then the chest cold was gone.

I just wanted to point out that experimenting with Colloidal Silver is crucial because it is very potent in killing viruses and bacteria. I often see and hear about people saying that Colloidal Silver did not work for them and it was simply because they didn't use it correctly, or experiment enough with it to find the proper delivery method for the specific ailment they were treating.

I use a spray mister, a nebulizer, an eyedropper, and a spoon to use taking colloidal silver depending upon my need. Awesome stuff! It's not a substitute for healthy eating, but a powerful tool in your toolbox!

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