Colloidal silver works!

by Ben

"It was a very Common Practice to place Silver Dollars into the water barrels and milk containers. People have been doing this for centuries. My grand parents learned it from their parents an so on. Back in the early 1800's when the plagues were running rampant thru the USA. The Silversmiths seemed to be immune. The Silversmiths were using Electrolysis "Current applied to water" to perform functions while making silver products.

The water then became what we call today "Colloidal Silver". The Silversmiths would have cuts all over their hands from working with the sharp metal. People would notice that their hands would heal very quickly and there was very little scaring.

The Doctors at that time used the as they called it "Silver Water" to put on wounds and found that it helped healing and left very little scaring.The wealthy people in Europe back 600 years ago didn't make the Flatware and Cooking Bowls out of Silver because it looked nice. They knew (back then) that the Silver products used in cooking and eating would not allow bacteria to form on them.

This knowledge has been around a long time.

Even back then with rudimentary equipment for producing "Silver Water" the product worked great. Now we have newer technology and understand the process better, but the results are still basically the same. IT WORKS!"

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