CSH in nebulizer

by sandy edelen
(kirbyville, tx USA)

I was sick for about 6 weeks with fall allergies that brought on severe asthma. I was very sick. Finally went to dr.and she gave script for albuterol for my nebulizer. the pharmacy wouldn't fill it because of medicare so I was about to use an outdated script when I saw my bottle of CSH. I thought to myself, that's probably better do I got online a looked for anyone else that's done it. Sure enough there have so I did a lot of research and figured a dosage plan. It's only about a teaspoon needed with about 8 grains of course seasalt. For some reason that makes it smoother. Breathe for about 5min. That's all you do. The results were incredible. I felt better pretty fast. About 5 hrs. later I did it again. I felt even better. The next day, I did it again. I was at least 75-80% better. That's after being very sick and barely able to breathe for 6wks. I did it one more time and I was over it. After that, I just had to get my strength back. It took about 1-3 teaspoons total to get well.

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