Dave & Becky's silver thankfulness story

by Dave & Becky
(Grand Junction, CO)

My husband and I first learned about colloidal silver in 2001/2002 from friends who gave us info on its benefits and who made their own using pure silver wires and a battery system. It was not a precise system, but got us hooked on making our own. Once their silver source "dried up" we all quit making it.

Fast forward to 2015 when our first purchase of your product was off of E-bay. We had confidence in it's ability to help ward off various illnesses. My dear wife has progressive M.S. which has weakened her immune system and left her lungs and chest vulnerable to colds or worse. For the last couple years she has not had any colds or viral infections because she has been given about 3 teaspoons each night before bedtime. I take Silver Hydrosol when I feel something coming on. I also have some in a small spray bottle mixed with peppermint oil to spray in my mouth if I have any mouth/gum sores. It helps heal and clear up the problems before they get too bad.

We now order the "Buy 3, get 1 free" half gallon jugs to make sure we never run out!

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