Dog with congestive heart failure - Colloidal silver helps to save the day!

by Gail Wheetley
(Logansport Indiana USA)

Hi Ron,

I realized when I ran out of your colloidal silver that this, along with vet prescriptions, was helping keep my dog alive. Having gone through a vicious divorce, money wasn’t available to reorder.

I just ordered it again Wednesday and got it so fast on Friday, thank goodness!!

I use it also for feral outside cats on their wounds and for wellness, on my two chihuahuas with breathing problems, myself for cuts, scratches, mouth/teeth infections, pinkeye, and COPD. Actually I use it for just about anything wrong, e.g., it will take pain from a cut or teeth infections, and heal in 1-2 days.

I’ve been buying it here for I believe more than 6 years, where I bought the first time when you started on eBay.

Thanks Ron you saved a lot of lives!! Many blessings!!

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May 28, 2019
That's incredible!
by: Ron "Andrew"

Hi Gail!

Yes, you were actually one of our very first customers and maybe even our first eBay customer! I truly appreciate your Customer Friendship and look forward to always be there to help you!

My mission from the very beginning was to offer a brand of ionic colloidal silver hydrosol that was not only high quality, but AFFORDABLE! As an avid consumer of supplements myself, I get so tired of always seeing a month's supply cost $20-30's or more. With all the different supplemental tools to try and use, who can afford that?

For me, silver belongs to the people and using it for health and wellness is one way for the average person to help the body help itself, fighting off pathogens that have no business being in the body. In fact, my first experience with this form of colloidal silver triggered a massive Herxheimer Reaction detox that proved to me that silver was special and has been a part of my daily life every since.

I don't know if you've seen my own testimonial about ionic silver on Youtube, but here it is:

I would love to learn more about how ionic silver is helping the body with COPD. We also have a really handy and effective lung exerciser called the BreatheEasy. I would be happy to send you one if you don't have one already!


Ron "Andrew"

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