Purify poor quality water to ultra pure levels!
By Fred Peschel
Reprinted with permission

Water treatment portable DI unit

Purify poor quality water to ultra pure levels for colloidal silver hydrosol!

The generation of superior quality colloidal silver hydrosol relies on access to ultra pure water but in many areas, there are no reliable purified water sources. In the USA 95% of customers eventually find a reliable source of less then 1PPM water but overseas it is nearly impossible. California is the only State mandating below 1PPM of minerals in distilled water. Deionized water is generally much better then distilled and our unit makes it 10 to 50 times more pure!

PII thus developed our Portable DI water deionizer cartridge with simple gravity feed, allowing the purification to ultra high levels (semi-conductor grade) water from the the poorest quality stills or even rain water. Use it like a syphon, to transfer water from one container to another - any purity in gives 0.0PPM out. It is rated for purifying (100) gallons of 5PPM distilled water, more then a years supply for home users.

Even typical 20PPM rain water can be purified, where distilled is not available, at a cost below $2/gallon, to an ultra pure level of 0.05PPM! Still cheap when you consider the colloidal silver produced is worth $100 to $640/gallon. Reverse osmosis water, usually at 5 to 10PPM, can be ultra purified but if City supplied, they buffer it to 300PPM to reduce pipe corrosion, so only try store bought or home produced RO water. Use the meter in our generator to assure RO or rain water is below 30PPM, as just a few gallons of typical 300 PPM tap water might totally exhaust the DI cartridge capacity!

Leakproof sealed design thoughtfully includes swivel hose connections and internal silver elements to prevent bacterial or mold growth when stored.

Colloidal Silver Quality

Soluble minerals in purified water contribute to the production of useless silver salts and thus you make a weakened medicine when using poor quality water. Say you start with 3PPM water and our unit turns off at 5PPM - you will be making 3PPM of silver salts and 2PPM of ionic silver or a 40% strength of medicine which must be consumed with 60% of salts that promote Argyria, the skin discolorization caused by photosensitive silver salts. Above 1.5PPM, silver salts produce a noticeable darkening effect to the colloidal silver when exposed to sunlight (why some insist on colored bottles and the EPA suggests you drink less then 2 ounces a day).

Instructions for Use:

•Test the source water with your unit to assure it reads below 30PPM.
•Remove the short storage tube hooking the inlet and outlet hoses together.
•Place the source water container on a table and the empty container on the floor.
•Place the inlet (green) hose in the source container and suck on the outlet (red) hose to start flow, then place it in the container on the floor. It takes about 20 minutes to filter and ultra purify 1 gallon!
•Remove hoses and replace the short tube connecting the hoses, to prevent contamination.
Your Collgen meter will indicate 0 PPM if the cartridge has not yet been exhausted.

Properly manufactured ionic colloidal silver can be 100% bio-available only if you start with ultra pure water! To understand how our body processes metal ions read about  transport.

Note: To be able to use ultra pure water with any generator, you must add a little of your last batch, to initiate current flow, it being such a good insulator. Never add salt, as some idiots suggest to speed up the process, as you will ruin that batch!
Fred Peschel, Engineer and Inventor