About Fred Peschel's PII
By Fred Peschel
Reprinted by permission

PII - Advanced Electronic Products!

PII has manufactured custom electronic equipment for 40 years for

research, manufacturing and the military, including power supplies

for medical X-ray equipment, Atomic fission research, space TWT

transmitters, and thousands of others. Since most orders were for

custom solutions and required on-site visits for engineering design

reviews, we gained broad experience in many research and medical fields.

This engineering and electronic background has been applied to produce

what we feel is the best and most economic generator of a true colloid

of silver. The quality is clearly indicated by the stability of product

produced, I.E. it lasts for years not weeks as many others do. Operation

is fully automatic and includes digital readout of PPM! To see full

specifications click on Product Data.


Mr. Peschel, as the principle engineer for over 30 years, contributed

to the development of many innovative solutions in the high voltage

electronic and medical fields. These ran from such oddities as lightning

simulators for testing cattle death from nearby strikes to  high voltage

sausage casing perforators and short circuit protected 250,000 watt CO2

laser power supplies for welding at GM.

He designed and built an improved TENS (transcuteneous electrical

neurological stimulator) unit as a joint venture with a chiropractor,

a novel High Voltage electronic tester for detecting minute leaks in IV

solution bottles for Pfizer Medical, etc.    


An early heart attack at age 55 and nearly dying in the hospital from

defective equipment and administration of the wrong medicine fed my

desire to take control of my own health. They not only had a defective

alarm on the bed but also in the bathroom and no one was monitoring my

heart monitor, as I became convulsive!

Thus, the development of our colloidal silver generator (the best

antibiotic by far) and continued study and investigation into

alternative medicine. We may develop more equipment but for now hope to

spread the word about the easy route to curing and preventing illness

without all that hype and intervention by doctors and others bent on

treating BUT not curing.

It is our firm belief that regardless of outside help we always cure

ourselves! Read some of my true experiences and the simple logic becomes

very clear. Click on faith healing to see the best example of the use of

logic to prove the ability we have to cure ourselves,or Cure Back Problems

to see how mind control (or training you brain)can solve a lingering



      As with anything, simple logic is the best path to the truth!


See details on our Colloidal Silver Generator for some amazingly simple health benefits!