Cancer Cure - All Natural
By Fred Peschel
Reprinted with permission

The Cancer Cure That Works!

                 CANCER CURE - ALL NATURAL!

                               And in use for 20 years!

 Yes, I mean all of the above! Only because of the internet

 have I found about this ultra safe, painless all natural cure

 for cancer! Not some quacky seeds, but injections of peptides

 your body has always produced but for some reason has

 produced too few. Not from some back yard medicine man but

 from a large FDA certified Pharmicutical plant.

 Over 25 years ago, Dr. Burzynski discovered peptides and

 amino acid derivatives in our body that control cancer, not

 by destroying cancer cells, but by correcting them. He named

 these substances antineoplastons.

 Antineoplastons are not yet FDA approved, so your Doctor will

 not offer or even suggest them but they have been working for

 20 years, with positive measurable results in a matter of

 weeks! No side effects and no risk of overdose, being natural

 peptides. Chemo and radiation, of course, have many  side

 effects - hair loss, nausea, pain and are usually lethal!

 The most exciting and promising new direction of cancer

 research is into the body's own natural defense systems

 against cancer. Stanislaw  R. Burzynski, MD, PhD, is far

 ahead of all cancer researchers in that he has been using

 the body's defense systems to fight cancer in humans with

 drugs he has developed and named antineoplastons. Not only

 has  Dr. Burzynski done years of preclinical (in test tubes

 and animals) testing on antineoplastons, he has been using

 these non-toxic drugs to treat patients with cancer for

 over 20 years. Currently, Dr. Burzynski is conducting 72 FDA

 approved clinical trials in patients with cancer.

 All normally developing new cells become specialized to serve

 specific purposes. Once specialized, they no longer divide to

 form new cells. However, some cells seem to lose their way,

 never specialize, and continue dividing, overwhelming the normal

 cells. This neoplastic process, called cancer, is a disease of

 uncontrolled cell growth!

 Dr. Burzynski discovered in 1967 that our body can and does

 direct cancer cells back onto their normal path through

 antineoplastons, substances that seem to act as "biochemical

 microswitches" – turning off the oncogenes that cause cancer

 and turning on the tumor suppressor genes that stop it. Dr.

 Burzynski's research indicates that cancer sufferers typically

 have a lower level of antineoplastons in their blood as

 compared to healthy individuals.

 According to the research done by Dr. Burzynski and others

 in this country and abroad, these substances are components

 of a biochemical defense system which parallels the immune

 system. Unlike the immune system, which protects us by

 destroying invading agents or defective cells, the biochemical

 defense system protects us by reprogramming, or normalizing,

 defective cells. Errors in cell programming may lead to such

 diverse disorders as cancer, autoimmune diseases, benign tumors,

 certain skin diseases, AIDS, and Parkinson's disease.

 The purpose of Antineoplaston treatment is not to poison cells

 but, rather, to activate the cells' "suicide program." Cancer

 cells differ from healthy cells in that they are immortal.

 While healthy cells live for a time, then die and are replaced

 by healthy cells in an orderly process, cancer cells lack the

 ability to recognize when it is time for them to die. New

 cancer cells appear while the old ones live on, causing a

 riotous proliferation of these cells that eventually shows up

 as a tumor.

 The purpose of Antineoplaston therapy is to "persuade" these

 cells to die off by normalizing the genes that went awry in

 the first place.

 Dr. Burzynski has used antineoplastons in his private practice

 of medicine since 1977. Several independent reviews by respected

 mainstream scientists, including one performed by the National

 Cancer Institute (NCI), have confirmed numerous remissions in

 cancer patients treated with antineoplastons. The NCI has called

 for further trials to determine the response rate, which provided

 the impetus for the current Phase II trials.

Read about the man and his therapy at:

Check what some of his patients say:

What is an antinoeplaston and how doe's it work?

 Antineoplastons consist of small peptides, components of protein,

 and peptide metabolites given by mouth or intravenously. They work

 by entering the cell and altering specific functions of the genes:

 Some activate the tumor suppressor genes that prevent cancer,

 while others turn off the oncogenes that force the cancer cell to

 divide uncontrollably. Like rifle shots to the heart of the

 malignant process, the antineoplastons cause cancerous cells to

 either revert to normal or die without dividing.

 Because antineoplastons work by altering the genetic control of cell

 function and division, they are effective against all cancers. At

 this stage of development, they work on some better than others.

 At this stage in medical history, it is the single most important

 discovery that could be made and equals the importance of antibiotics.


    A Report by Dr. Whitaker, Writer of Health & Healing newsletter

          (His special issue is at:


"Ernesto Villalobos, a prominent 61-year-old Florida businessman, had

 been having severe bone pain for three years. A bone scan showed that

 his entire skeleton, legs, ribs, spine, skull, were packed with

 metastatic prostate cancer, confirmed by a biopsy on February 10,

 1995. At that time, his PSA was 960. He was started on a

 testosterone blocker called Lupron, but its effects, though helpful,

 were not expected to stop the cancer. On February 20, Ernesto started

 antineoplastons. After three weeks on antineoplastons, the pain

 subsided, and by July his PSA had dropped from 960 to 1.4. Each scan

 showed unprecedented dissolution of the cancer. Ernesto told me that

 he feels better now than he has in decades."

"Mary Jo Siegel was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1991.

 She was seen at UCLA and referred to Dana Farber Cancer Center in

 Boston, where she was "offered" autologous bone marrow transplant

 with high-dose radiation. This particularly gruesome approach

 involves removing the bone marrow, administering very high-dose

 radiation therapy, then reinfusing the marrow. The physician

 recommending this therapy told Mary Jo that he "was going to bring

 her close to death then rescue her." I wonder what he thought would

 be left to rescue?

 In 1992, Mary Jo started antineoplastons and went into complete

 remission for two years. Recently, two small lumps were found on

 her CT scan, and she is back on the therapy. I just bet there will

 be a second remission.

There are over 400 protocols of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

now being used for brain cancer patients, and none of them is worth

the bottle they come in because the results of virtually all of

these protocols are the same -- intense suffering, then death."


It seems the US government and the press care more about a Cuban boy,

who is healthy and has two homes,  than about an American boy, who

is dying and has been away from his home for 3 months because the FDA

refuses to just say "Yes."

Thomas's story was featured on The Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

 on Friday January 28.

Little Thomas Navarro of Tucson, Arizona, and his family are in the

midst of battling for his life. Thomas has medulloblastoma and had

surgery in September to remove the tumor. However, this type of cancer

always recurs. So, Thomas' parents chose to take him to Dr.  Burzynski,

instead of subjecting their little boy to combination chemotherapy

and radiation and their life-threatening and long-term side effects.

These toxic treatments offer no cure. Also, because he has no tumor,

Thomas is ineligible to be treated in one of Dr. Burzynski's  clinical

trials. The Navarros want their son treated under Special Exception

status. [Obtaining a Special Exception is another problem the Navarros


"Four-year-old Thomas Navarro, his little brother, Patrick, and their

parents have been in a hotel room in Houston, Texas, since before

Thanksgiving, for 90 days now, waiting for the FDA to just say "Yes."

This cannot be permitted to go on! The Navarros should be allowed to

choose a nontoxic, FDA-approved, clinical trial over toxic

chemotherapy and radiation for their little boy. Thomas must be given

antineoplastons and allowed to go HOME before it is too late for him."

Update on Thomas Navarro:

At the hearing held by Congressman Burton in Washington, DC, on June 7th,

FDA representative Dr. Richard Pazdur did not even have the decency to

stay to hear Jim Navarro's moving testimony.

 (See Breaking News

 for Thomas's Story)

July 4, 2000: Your efforts have been successful in getting Reps. Bliley

and Bilirakis to support Thomas's Bill! We can't stop now! Now we need

to get all the US Representatives to support Bill HR 3677, and we need

to have a bill introduced to the Senate.

The sad ending:

Cancer Patient Thomas Navarro Dies at Age Six

© By Peter Chowka

(Jan. 1, 2002) Thomas Navarro's two year long struggle to survive brain cancer came

to an end on November 19, 2001 when the six-year old child died in Houston, Texas.

"Only when Thomas was declared terminally ill and given fourteen days to live did the

 FDA, because of something called 'Compassionate Use Approval,' finally say yes to

 Dr. Burzynski's Antineoplaston treatment. Compassionate Use was authorized after

intense pressure was applied by the Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform,

Congressman Dan Burton. . .It is all a family can do to persevere when a child is

diagnosed as being terminally ill with cancer. But Thomas' family was forced into a fight

with the American government for the right to life, and a good quality of life, on top of

their already grueling fight at home."


Additional Cancer Treatment and Prevention Ideas

 Dr. Budwig in Germany has used some simple foods to cure a lot of real

serious medical conditions:  Cancer, diabetes, liver disease, and many

more.  Its quite simple:  Water soluable oil is needed to carry oxygen to

cells of the body so it can heal itself.  The best one is flax oil. It

must be taken with cottage cheese to energize it.  Read her book,

"Flaxoil as a true aid against arthritis, heart infarction, cancer and

other diseases."  Dr Johanna Budwig.  Also, in "Optimal Wellness" by Dr

Ralph Golan.  These simple foods are so plain that anyone can add them

to their food intake with no concern.  Two tablespoons of flax oil with

three tablespoons of cottage cheese is all that is needed each day. The

above diseases were cleared up in 3 months. These links might help: 


There have been many reports, and books written of effective treatments

and preventatives for cancer, including the use of grape juice and seeds.

A recent report by Dr. Julian Whitaker suggests for prostate cancer

specifically, (although much would apply to most cancers):

Diet - The first line of defense is to make substantial reductions in fat

intake. Particularly animal and saturated fats. Eat fewer dairy products

and more vegetables, fruits, rice and whole grains. Add soy and other

foods high in Zinc, such as seafood, whole grains, yogurt and nuts. In

addition, exercise and drink 8 glasses of water daily. In 1996 Time

Magazine reported Michael Milken was given 12-18 months to live, due to

his prostrate cancer having spread to his lymph nodes, and diet alone

with lots of soy protein cured him.


A - Saw Palmetto is a proven benefit. Over age 40-45 every man should

take 160mg daily and if warrented take 360mg daily. Use the standardized

extract of palmetto containing 85-95 percent fatty acids and sterols.

B - Pygeum africanum has a good history, being perscribed 90% of the time

in France for BPH patients, with 80% of the patients showing significant

improvement after 30 days of taking 100 mg of pygeum. The standardized

extract should have 12-13% phytosterols.

C - Take 10 grams of vitamin C daily, 200-300 mg of coenzyme Q10 and 15-90

grams of shark or bovine cartilage and 2 ounces of Essiac tea. Additionally

zinc is very important alone (and as a partial block to copper, which helps

your tumor to grow) and vitamin B-6. Use 30mg daily of zinc and at least

50mg of B-6. Some researchers believe deficiencies in either of these may be

the cause of prostate problems. Oysters, wheat germ, wheat bran and peas are

all rich in zinc.



So here we have well documented, painless, effective treatments for cancer

but unapproved by the FDA and thus unavailable to most!  Having cancer is

not by itself bad, I suspect we always have some! Halting or reversing its

growth is the important thing, before it effects some vital organs!

There are many other reported successful treatments but in the final

analysis they repair your immune system so it can destroy the cancer,

just as we were designed to do! Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. reports that

CoQ10 had excellent remissions as reported by Dr. Langsjoen, a Texas

cardiologist, and Dr. Karl Folkers and Knud Lockwood of Copenhagen!

In our polluted environment, many would also need a life style change,

to give their body a fighting chance!

Quality colloidal silver, being a natural bacteria fighter and powerful

immune system booster has been reported to resolve many cases also. The

medical profession is slowly learning that many cancers are bacterial

based, so colloidal silver can be both an inhibitor and effective

treatment.In the final analysis, our body heals itself, if given proper

nutrients and our immune system is in good condition, so assisting the

immune system is paramount to any recovery.

In the same light there is also a book on documented Cancer cures by the

use of simple juice fasts! The best was natural Concord Grape juice which

contains 100's of phytonutrients. The program involves eating nothing but

2 quarts of natural juice between arising and your normal 6 P.M. meal!

I have tried it, for a persistant oral thrush (it is essential to flush

the yeast colony out of the colon) that would not respond in two months to

many other alternatives and it was gone in less then a week! Initially the

stools were "chemical" smelling but quite amazingly, in less then a week

they smelled of fresh squeezed grapes! Apparently the juice cleaned the

intestines well! FOS or fructooligosaccharides are known to be an excellent

food for your natural bacterial flora (improves your health) and may be the

main benefit of the juice, after cleaning old plaque out.

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Extracted and reported by Fred Peschel