By Fred Peschel, Engineer and Inventor
Reprinted with permission

Frequently Asked Questions
Mostly About Colloidal Silver!

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Why Do You Only Make 5PPM?

 Why not? Ionic Cs at 5PPM has more ions per tablespoon then you have body cells!

 The number of silver ions at 5PPM in an ounce of ionic Cs is computed at 1,000 trillion, so a tablespoon has more then you might ever need. If you are talking about poor product, with larger particles, you have a different story! Since the volume of a sphere is Pi x Diameter cubed/4, a colloidal particle of 100 nanometers (40 millionths of an inch), the largest allowed in a colloid, would need nearly 45 million ions or atoms to make it! Wouldn't you rather fight an army of pathogens with 45 million arrows rather then just one canon ball!

Silver protein, long the prefered silver ion delivery material, can be of very high PPM but unfortunately the protein surrounds the silver ion and thus allows mold growth on the protein surface - rather annoying to have your medicine grow what you may be trying to kill!

Has your Ionic Colloidal Silver been tested on Bacteria?

Yes, a number of times by a large HMO and even home users. We do not expect anyone to believe our tests, so how about those paid for by our questioning customers showing it to be highly ionic (very small particles) and highly effective? 

A customer paid for test by Natural-Immunogenics Corp. on 6/20/02
of Ionic Cs he made with our Collgen2 unit had the following results

 Particle sizes from micrographs at 100,000x and 280,000x

      Min.  1nm

      Max. 46nm

 pH = 6.45

 Silver PPM = 6.96

 Clarity = clear

 Conductivity = 9 umhos/cm

 Osometry of zero

 Tyndal = very low

 "The antibacterial activity as tested on two strains of staphylococcus

 aureus (wild type and MRSA) was clearly better then many colloidal

 silvers on the market. In 4 and 8 minute inhibition challange tests

 against 200PPM and 300PPM silver nitrate (at pH=7) the sample was

 significantly superior but not as good as 325PPM silver nitrate."

Why Don't You Use Super Pure Silver?

 Our 99.9+ pure silver electrodes are just fine, if you consider contaminates in the silver are then less then 1 part per thousand,you thus would produce contaminates of only parts per billion!

 I.E. If making 5PPM Cs you would also make less then 4PPB (parts per billion) of copper and less then 1 PPB of gold and less of a few other metals alloyed in silver. These are all so far below trace mineral levels, they mean nothing!

You may recall, 1PPM means 1 mg/Liter so 1PPB is 0.001mg/L. On a dose basis of a tablespoon you are talking less then 0.00003 mg of copper yet your recommended daily intake is a few mgs! If people would stop accepting marketing hype as meaningful fact and use simple logic they would see those suppliers are either purposely misleading you to make a sale, have no benefit worth bragging about or are just plain ignorant about what they speak of! (This statement offended someone, so read the following facts before you get upset!)

Did you know that 99.9995% pure silver, that many claim they use, can not even be produced or tested by 99% of refineries, which adds even more doubt to their honesty! There are generally 20PPM of dissolved gases in silver, which would make 99.9980% silver as the best possible, even if all other metals could be removed! I could not get a refinery to quote me a cost of 99.9995% pure silver but some say it would be over $1,000/ounce in small lots, due to the high cost of special processing needs and test equipment to certify it.

Won't Stomach Acid Ruin Cs?

 The popular theory that orally taken silver ions reach the stomach and complex with your stomach acid to form useless silver chloride is just plain not true!

 In order to move mineral ions about your body, for delivery to the area where needed, your body uses proteins to envelope the ions and render them inactive, until they are delivered to the cell or area needing them. Numerous essential biological functions require metal ions, and most of these metal ion functions involve metalloproteins. One-third of all proteins are "metalloproteins", chemical combinations of protein atoms (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur) with ions of metals such as iron, calcium, copper, zinc, etc. Hemoglobin, for example, that carries oxygen in the bloodstream, is an iron-containing metalloprotein. For a full report on Metalloproteins  click here

 If this were not the case, few minerals would remain useable by your body, including essentials like calcium, iron, etc. as they would join other free ions and in many cases make insoluable salts (no bio-availability).

 Your saliva has over 200 different proteins and thus they can capture metallic ions before they get near the stomach acid! Also, silver ions are so small they can be absorbed sublingually, thru your skin, to directly enter the blood stream, with the help of proteins.

Do You Make a High Voltage AC Generator?

 With over 40 years experience in custom HV equipment design and manufacture, I am smart enough not to waste my time on such a stupid approach to a process requiring 2 volts DC!

 The Arc (HV AC) process converts nitrogen in air into some nitrous compounds - no one in the "industry" has been able or willing to say what but silver nitrate is a likely result! There is a decided risk in comsumption of nitrates and thus the EPA limits them in drinking water to 10PPM. Two of the larger manufacturers have abruptly discontinued sales of their machines! I believe they were in serious risk of suit for recommending their use and consumption, plus I have seen none CSA or UL listed, as AC equipment over 28 volts must be, making their product liability insurance void.

 The pH changes drastically (thus a high conductivity reading), so the few that insist on selling the crud, adjust the pH before sale, like that will do anything useful! While any process will produce some free ions of silver (unless salted), atoms and crystals, any product has some benefit but it is unwise to add a health risk to the solution or to make a very weak medicine when it is so easy to do it right!

How Strong Can Cs be Made?

 If you are in New Zealand, only 10 PPM! If you use out generator, only 5 PPM!

 One of our NZ customers just reported:

 " We have just had a letter from Medsafe which is the Health Department here informing us that the medicines act states that we are not allowed to make silver that is more than 10ppm or we could be fined up to 200,000 dollars and all of our advertising material must be approved by them. "

 As you read above, one tablespoon of 5PPM ionic Cs has more ions then your body has cells, so there is no need to go overboard in PPM or doseage.  It would seem Medsafe could fine or shutdown most producing the atomic or crystaline forms of Cs! Since PPM is a measure by weight, only an expensive test will give the real value. If mostly ionic a simple conductivity test is accurate! Of course, you must start with known water or you can easily make 100's of PPM of silver salts. This the reason for our built-in PPM meter. Did you know, we not only shut off at 5PPM but also will shut down quickly and thus do nothing, if high PPM water is used, as in salted? Even with 10PPM starting water, almost no silver is released before shutdown in a few minutes!

 I wish our FDA were as thoughtful as Medsafe, it would remove the hackers that have more interest in your money then your health!

Don't You Need Blue Glass Bottles?

 Not unless you have vary poor product (silver salts or embarassing floating stuff)!

 Blue is my favorite color but you only need it if your Cs is made mostly of silver salts, most all being photosensitive, just as is used on photographic film!

 HDPE (high density polyethelene) is the standard food grade plastic you buy milk and distilled water in, as it is one of the few plastics without a plasticizer that may leach out! We have Cs over two years old stored in the origional gallon jug we bought water in and it still measures the same! Glass, being a crystaline material will actually shorten the life, as it provides nucleation sites for crystal growth (plate out).

Marketing companies like GNC use tinted or colored plastic bottles (who wants to pay $19.95 for four ounces of something that looks like water?) and often adds coloring and flavors to make it "more of a medicine"!

How Much Cs is Retained in Your Body?

 The preferred form - ionic - is said to be filtered out of the blood in 2 hours and up to 98% discharged, mostly thru the intestines, within 24 hours!

 Ions are captured by protein and delivered intact to the site needing them. Being 400 times smaller then a red blood cell, they easily pass thru cell walls and can be carried away by the lymphatic system.

 Poor product (silver salts or crystals) may be retained for years! PPM means parts by weight so it is a poor measure of what you have - one big lump or trillions of ions! Your body can not process larger particles and either discharges them without any gain or absorbs them and then stores them in your tissue, if they can not be removed by the lymphatic system. The fatal dose (retained) is 10 grams! At 5PPM you are taking 0.005 grams for every liter of Cs you drink! You dispose of 98% of that in a day so little is retained! The EPA says you can drink 7 tablespoons per day (3.5 ounces) of 5 PPM Cs for 70 years with no sign of risk, for the sensitive person!

 Can Cs be Filtered?

Very difficult to do without messing it up - coffee filters in particular are very bad!

At 5PPM it takes very little added material to swamp out the Cs and any free silver ions will complex (combine with) any dissolved matter, usually forming insoluable silver salts. They then have no (or extremely limited) bio-availability, usually settling out as crystals. Most filter materials have clay binders and acid residue from bleaching. The research grade filter papers work but you need pressure (or a vacuum) to force the Cs water thru them. Any fabrics also have soap residues or dye fixing agents and starch. You are better off just decanting the Cs, if there is any settlement.

 How about Colloidal Gold?

Very few medical benefits are derived from colloidal gold and in general, gold compounds (what most people would tend to make) cause bone marrow depression and kidney abnormalities!

 Gold salts are often injected by Doctors for relief of joint pain problems and also topically for pain, sometimes being an additive in salves. There is also a use for a specific brain disease but there are no other listed health benefits! The risk/reward ratio is far to high to suggest unsupervised use!

How About Colloidal Copper or Zinc?

 Both are essential minerals and thus required in the proper amounts and ratios, so unless you are careful you can seriously upset your biologic system.

 For everything you ever wanted to know about copper and zinc, read our over 50 page report on the risks of supplimenting randomly with them, at: Copper and Zinc, They are your immune systems moderator/activators so a proper ratio must be maintained! You could encourage cancer or stop a cancer growth (reduce copper levels), so you certainly need to understand what you are doing.

Just What do You Mean - PPM, uS/cm, mg/L, nm?

 Simple but not so familiar measures, here are some facts to help.........

 nm nanometer = billionths of a meter = 1/1000 of a micrometer (micron)

PPM parts per million = milligrams per liter

tbl tablespoon = 1/2 ounce = 3 teaspoons = 180 drops

uS/cm conductivity of a cubic cm sample 1.6uS/cm of Cs = 1 PPM