How To Cure Lower Back Pain
By Fred Peschel
Reprinted with permission


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I discovered a simple secret most chiropractors don't want you to know about back pain relief!

 "researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that 149 million
 workdays are lost in the US each year because of back injury, and Back pain cost at
 least $14 billion in lost workdays, based on 1995 figures."

Not for just a while but for many years he had to massage my injured back areas to relax the muscles then push the vertebrae back into position. What a RELIEF of the pain he gave but the EXPENSE continued and I had to put up with return of my back pains in a few days and then back for another pain relief adjustment.

(Note: I was getting pain relief, but never an idea of how to prevent it!)

Having built my own home almost single handed I often injured myself and most often it was the lower back. The worst accident was when I was placing a 4"x12" wood beam on top of a 4x4 post and just as I started down the ladder it tipped and fell onto my head and shoulder. Being young and hearty I took the shock and caught the beam on my shoulder but suffered from sever back pain from compressed disks in my lower back for many years afterwards. In all I had three vertebrae from my lower to upper back, that periodically twisted out of position up to 3/8 of an inch, causing dull to sever pain in my neck and back. You could easily feel the irregularities on both my lower and upper spine.

Quite by luck, the last time I switched chiropractors I happened to go to one that used an "EMS" (ELECTRICAL MUSCLE STIMULATOR). My background was electronics design so I took a keen interest in learning all I could about his instrument (it gave relief to my back pains) and probed so much that he asked if I would be interested in a partnership building and selling a "TENS" (TRANSCUTANEOUS ELECTRICAL NEUROLOGIC STIMULATOR) unit which is very similar but has a broad consumer market (AT A HIGH "MEDICAL EQUIPMENT" PRICE) for relief of pain, muscle stimulation, healing broken bones, etc.

 "Your back exercise beats every other exercise hands down that I have ever been given by half a dozen doctors / chiropractors, or anything I've ever read in any book or mag article about back pain. After suffering with horrible back problems for years, I have gone pain free in my lower back now for 6 months. After Taking MSM, CS, hydrolyzed collagen, glucosamine sulfate and an amino acid compound for several months, my whole body has been on the mend, but I still had a nagging lower back weakness and had to wear a 3/8" heel lift in my right shoe. Your exercise was the final key and just as you described, I find that I can do it regularly, then forget it for awhile, then start back again when I feel the weakness. The heel lift is no longer necessary. I am posting your site on the MSM club on Yahoo, which will of course give you another link to your CS generators as well." Thanks, Bob Ansley 


My first step was to borrow his equipment manuals so I could redesign and improve the circuits, plus learn some basics. My hope was to 'build my own back pain cure'. My interest in the electrical aspect of treating the human body got my going on the development of an improved and more versatile TENS and EMS unit. But as the product was improved and tested (on me, by me) I realized I still got no permanent back pain relief!

Sure, I could relax tense back muscles and feel some pain relief but I still needed the Chiropractor to push my bones back into place every week. Otherwise my back pain became unbearable - what a way to go thru life!

Mean while, my TENS unit was working well so we sent to get the Government forms for filing for approval for medical applications. What a shock when the package arrived - it was 2" thick of more forms and procedures then you could imagine. We figured it would take $10,000 and 6 months to apply, with no guarantee we would get it approved, since there were many new features and of course they take special testing for approval.


Well, I am not dumb, so I decided if I was to find a 'cure' for my back pain problems, I had to learn more, so each week I borrowed another medical/chiropractic book to study. Now, with the dream of making big bucks out of the way, my intention of finding a cure for my back pains was so I could fire my chiropractor! Time went on (adjustments for relief of my back pain continued) and I devoured book after book, when suddenly out of the blue, the pieces fell into place. One paragraph I had read months ago suddenly tied in with a lower back pain therapy and I knew I had found the answer. LIKE ALL GOOD THINGS IT WAS CLEARLY LOGICAL AND SUPERBLY SIMPLE!


Face it, we heal ourselves! - doctors just give your body a booster shot or assist by removing some bad part to help speedup your repair process! We make millions of new cells daily to repair or replace everything from hair to heart muscle. (Read how this same fact allows faith healing!)

There is no dispute - doctors treat problems or relieve pain but they rarely fix them!

Chiropractors adjust misplaced parts to reduce pain but they rarely fix the problem!

Some practitioners may tell you how to help resolve your own pains but that is very rare, even though they all know, you are the ultimate healer.

Dr. Gary Eversole, Chiropractor, is one of the few revealing the real facts on his web page!
 Our bones are held together by muscles - without them, you would crumple up on the floor like a rag doll. Muscles, together with tendons, hold your bones in position and limit their range of motion. The muscles must be programmed to relax and tighten at the right instant to keep us from flopping into a ball on the floor, crying with pain.

Think about that for a minute, your backbone is a stack of bones (like a string of beads) with your very critical spinal cord running thru the middle. Get a minor misalignment and you have back problems and most likely serious pain, since all your nerves must join the spinal cord, via small holes in each vertebrae!

The bones on the sides of your vertebrae are attachment points for the muscles that keep you in alignment. If you suffer muscle tension or a damaged muscle pulls too hard on one side you are of course pulled out of alignment and may suffer back pain and possibly pinched nerves (more pain). The brain controls the muscles - so guess what keeps you in true alignment - YOUR BRAIN!

Now you can teach your brain lots of stuff but everyone seems to have forgotten we have to re-teach it sometimes, even how to have a straight backbone! On the end of each muscle or tendon is a tension sensor and our brain records how much is the normal pull and the limit for that muscle. Now, if you have an injury in a specific muscle, the pain signal to the brain eases it up, so you wind up twisted off center, to avoid the pain and more damage. This imbalance will cause a curvature of the spine and thus excessive strain elsewhere due to the need to compensate for an off center load. Pain, far removed from the problem, can be caused by the brain, in conjunction with our inner ear gravity sensor trying to keep us upright by balancing us against the pull of gravity. That is normal, but in its action undue stress is put on some other muscle in our body. The typical result is lower back pain!


Say you are on the phone 5 hours a day and sit with it balanced on your shoulder (head bent sideways to hold it). What you are telling your brain is 'I want to be in that position' and sure enough after a few weeks you have neck curvature to the left. Until you retrain those vertebrae muscles in your neck , that will be your "normal" position. You have created an imbalance in muscle tensions and bone position, which will cause persistent neck or back pains.


Very simply put, RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN to maintain your vertebrae in a straight line! The electrical muscle stimulators retrain the brain by repeated flexing of particular muscles to a limit of tension determined by the voltage employed. That is not the solution to our immediate problem, as we have too many interacting muscles involved in the neck and back. The solution is very simple though!

I researched and tested simple exercises to train major muscle groups, to solve most back and neck pain problems. The main exercise, the solution to 90% of back problems and half of other related pains is full twisting of the spine to the left and to the right!

I found just 5 minutes a day kept me away from the chiropractor and after a few weeks of the exercise I could even skip many days before I could feel any back misalignment problems or pain. That was 12 years ago and with additional injuries and ageing I find this exercise solves all of my back and neck pains in less than 3 minutes! I now do it while sitting at my computer, whenever I feel neck or back stiffness or pain!


With your feet planted firmly about 18" apart (for stability) rotate your head and shoulders to the left as far as you can until you feel tension or some pain in a few muscles of your neck and/or back. Hold for a few seconds and slowly twist in the opposite direction and hold a few seconds. Those few seconds are giving your brain repeated signals of the normal and maximum allowed muscle tension! Do for at least 4 to 5 minutes a day and you will get relief from most lower and upper back pain and other back related pain problems!

If sedentary, do it at least twice a day. It is easier to do properly if you clasp your hands on top of your head. I like to see how far I can aim my elbow behind my back and then twist the head more to see as far behind my back as I can, in each direction. This way you attain maximum rotation of both the neckbone and backbone. Repeat this for 5 minutes but start out doing less if you get worse back pain. Rotating is not much exercise, so you should not tire!

REMEMBER, you are TRAINING YOUR BRAIN as to how much tension each muscle is allowed before it causes pain, not trying to tear an already damaged muscle or tendon. DO NOT TWIST OR SURGE RAPIDLY, as that causes an automatic compensating response from your brain to tense up some other muscles, which could cause more back pain problems.

IF YOU WISH, THIS CAN BE DONE WHILE SITTING UPRIGHT IN A CHAIR, but you lose the training to your ankles, knees and hip muscles that a full twist in a standing position will give.


We recently found this quote "Lower back injuries and pain are linked to the brain’s failure to send warning signals to back muscles, according to a discovery by the University of Queensland Physiotherapy Department. Dr Paul Hodges found the brain failed to send messages to certain back muscles in people who already suffered lower back pain, warning the muscles to prepare for movement and so protect against injury." (I knew that!)

Some of our visitors reports of back pain relief:
 "Thank you so much for your tip on curing back problems. I awoke in great pain this morning and crying with rage and frustration as my lower back felt as bad as it had done for the last four weeks. Desperate to find something, anything, I gingerly tried the net and found you. I felt so much better within minutes I went for my first walk outside even though it was raining hard. Thanks Fred!" Best Wishes Margaret Stead,Business Psychologist, Birmingham UK

"I would like to mention that I through my "Curiosity" read the "Cure Back Pain Forever." After reading this passage I put this exercise to work right away, being that I suffer from several back pain disorders. I can't believe that I felt better in a matter of doing this simple exercise in only ten minutes. My neck pain felt better right away! I felt the results in my lower back right away! My uopper shoulders that I experience pain all the time; I felt the pulling and straighting right away!" Michael D. Allen"

"I can't say thanks enough for this site. This simple stretch that has relieved my neck and back of pain that I've had for a solid year and off and on for 20 years. My insurance company denied any additional chiropractic visits because I was going so often (but never getting total relief). In desperation I prayed for something that I could do myself -- then I found your site. That was two weeks ago." Thanks again. Lynn Stinson Lakeland Electric Technical Training
For general relief of muscle tension and lower back pain you should also do some limbering up exercises but they will be left up to you, to meet your preferences.

Any exercise repeated to full tension on specific muscles for many minutes aids in retraining the brain and thus relief of pain risks! As I have just shown you, if your brain is not sure just how you want those bones to be positioned and how much strain or tension your tendons can take, you are in for some painful times.

One final thing, water in your spinal disks is the supporting medium for 75% of your upper body and is the sole lubricant for back or neck motion! According to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, author of "The Bodies Many Cries for Water, 1992", few people drink enough water and being dehydrated reduces the lubrication of your back and neck joints and may be your sole cause of persistent back and neck pain! For this lubrication to take effect, you must also get some exercise or motion of the joints, to circulate the lubricant (water). Neck pain in particular can be caused by lack of motion, since the weight of the head will force water out of the disks making the neck stiff and painful.

You see, my simple exercise not only trains the muscles and brain for proper spinal alignment but also improves lubrication of the joints, to prevent pain!

The nice thing about these treatments are that you get relief from upper and lower back pains in just hours or days, not months, and thus are more likely to keep with the program. It truly works - wouldn't you like to get rid of those nagging back pains? Try it, pain relief is just minutes away!


We do not sell anything for relief of your back pain, because you now know how to cure it!