To Your Good Health
By Fred Peschel
Reprinted with Permission

Life Extension with Good Health

 I have been researching alternative health aids for over 15 years and recent research, coupled with the first DNA studies, demonstrate your ability to gain 10-20 quality years, with simple life style changes.

I am not a Doctor but an engineer trained to research and employ logic before believing any so called "fact". Nothing I report here is new but few others have pulled together all the pieces of the puzzle to good health. I hope to pull the pieces together for you now, in a simple, logical manner.

My final discovery of the missing puzzle piece, that we can actually control our own health, was in finding we have at least (9) DNA repair mechanisms!

Did you know - "DNA repair is present in all organisms examined including bacteria, yeast, drosophila, fish, amphibians, rodents and humans"  From 1954-1960 DNA research! 

Our creator gave each cell of your body, your bodies full design details, as DNA, so cells could replicate, in order to grow your body mass and replace dead or damaged cells. We have daily onslaughts attacking our cells (and DNA), including pollutants, oxidation from normal energy production (why you need anti-oxidants) and poor nutrient or fuel supply. Repair mechanisms are essential to a long life but few realize how effective they can be!

Coupled with other solid studies, I hope to provide a clear picture of how anyone can easily repair serious diseases like Cancer and thus extend a quality life!

I am living proof of the process! The night of 911 I awoke from a terrible nightmare of being on the plane and my chest being crushed, making it impossible to get back to sleep. That repeated for (4) nights, leading to psychopathic insomnia (fear of sleep), adding four more nights of a total inability to sleep! (A month later I discovered I had lost a Nephew in that same plane!)

In a matter of a few weeks I lost 35 pounds but edema masked it, making me think I could not be in serious condition. I worked all day (and night) to remain sane and found in my exaustion I could take brief naps during the day. When I weakened to the state such that I could only walk around the room twice, I decided it was time to see a Doctor!

When I walked in he called the others to "come see a classic case of CHF" (congestive heart failure). My heart had gone into survival mode, due to its weakened state, releasing chemicals to reduce blood flow to non-essential areas, like my legs! My breathing was so labored they tried (4) times to take an EKG, before giving up!

My Doctor saved my life with an ACE inhibitor, (turns off the hearts survival mode) and a diuretic to drop the water. In a week I was 35 pounds lighter and feeling almost normal but my forearm muscles had wasted away to no thicker then my thumb. I saw on the heart echogram how much the heart muscle had also suffered!

My seriously enlarged heart was ready to rupture but I was able in a year to completely rebuild my heart to normal size and function, with food alone, to my Doctors amazement! He just recently took me off all my medications, at age 69!

Biology 101

From a strictly engineering stand point, we are an amazing self healing, self regulating machine made of 100 trillion individual living cells, each also a self healing, regulating device PLUS also capable of repeatedly splitting into two (multiplying)! Feed your body the right fuel and nutrients and it lives for 100 years! Feed it poor quality food or an excess of poisons and it has to fail sooner!

There are (9) known mechanisms for repairing DNA damage, so provide the essential nutrients, so the organelles recover and then the DNA can again be be repaired, and you can be returned to health!

Cells are our building blocks and as such contain what are called organelles or organ like structures to convert food to energy, manufacture chemicals and carry on other essential life functions. A key cellular function is to divide and multiply (mitosis), not only for growth but also to replace ageing, damaged or dead cells. Next is programmed death (Apoptosis), to prevent accumulative damage from morphing us into something else. That is, to die after a preplanned number of divisions (about 50), before it has aged to much to faithfully reproduce.

After we have matured and growth has ceased, (we have reached about 100 trillion cells) cells die and replicate at a matched rate to maintain our size. When a cell dies, it chemically signals a nearby cell it can now proceed to split. Cells you see have a short life cycle of birth, growth, a functional period and then division into two cells, partly on demand.

Coding at the end of the DNA (telomere) counts down the number of times it has split and eventually orders its own programmed death. Cancer cells produce telomerase and thus turn off programmed death, becoming immortal or unlimited multiplication of every cell in a tumor. A recent discovery found that repairing the cancer cells damaged organelles can enable the DNA repair mechanism to turn programmed death back on - essentially dissolving the cancer!

Nerve cells live forever, blood cells live 105 days, skin cells 35 days and intestinal cells just 3 days, since they are in a putrid environment and thus more likely to suffer damage. Embryo cells divide every (30) minutes, to permit rapid early growth.

When dead, a cell soon ruptures, due to osmotic pressure buildup, spills its guts into your intercellular fluid and the pieces are broken down and removed by special blood cells.

About 1/3 of the protein is recycled. We still have the same number of cells, after a nearby one splits, but are getting freshly made more youthful ones! In a damaged area, rapid cell multiplication occurs, to seal off and repair a wound in a few days, and thus a jumbled assemblage of cells, which creates the typical scar! Think of dumping bricks in a hole, instead of neatly stacking them up!

With 100 trillion cells, we are replacing very many per second and thus are truly self repairing! Your skin, which suffers a lot of physical wear and tear is totally replaced monthly. It is possible to encourage the production of stem cells, which are undifferentiated and can change to any of the 210 cell types, which then are like new cells and thus will replace or fade out a scar over time.

In the future, you may be able to get  stem cell transplants , to rebuild or repair any body part. Now surgeons can replace key organs like heart and liver but not extensive ones like all your skin or all your nerves!

Stem cells, unlike other kinds of cells that we hear about - muscle cells, nerve cells, bone cells, etc. - are like children who don't know what they want to be when they grow up. Rare stem cells that haven't ruled out any sort of future career are known as totipotent cells. They can contribute to any type of tissue. Other stem cells that have ruled out some possibilities but not others are called pluripotent stem cells.

In 1998, two groups made headlines around the world by announcing that they'd been able to isolate, and grow in culture, early human stem cells from fetal tissue and from embryos discarded by fertility clinics. The announcement caused a stir of excitement as well as controversy. Two years later, researchers were making surprising discoveries about a second, overlooked source of stem cells in the human body - adult tissues! The surprise isn't so much that stem cells exist in the adult body (the blood, skin and lining of the gut are constantly renewed from pockets of adult stem cells), but that they exist in organs such as the brain that weren't thought to regenerate beyond early infancy, and that adult stem cells are far more versatile in their capabilities than once thought.

For instance, our red blood cells only live 120 days and are regenerated from a population of adult stem cells that are found in the spongy matter inside bones, the bone marrow. The stem cells in bone marrow also produce some of the cells of the immune system.

In spring 1998, researchers at the Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy in Milan, Italy, published an article in Science demonstrating that transplanted bone marrow cells could help form new muscle tissue at the site of a muscle injury in mice. And, last April, researchers from a company called Osiris Therapeutics and from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore demonstrated that bone marrow stem cells grown in the lab could also give rise to cartilage, fat and bone cells under the right circumstances.

Meanwhile, other groups demonstrated that stem cells isolated from the brains of mice can become blood cells when transplanted into the bone marrow, and that bone marrow stem cells can turn into certain types of brain cells if injected into the fluid-filled spaces, or ventricles, of the brain. Don't hold your breath waiting for a "youth injection" but your kids will likely benefit in their life time!

Cancer 101

While I speak mostly of cancer here, think illness, as cancer is often the eventual cause of death, as our cells over mutate and we eventually wear out.

Cancer is caused by an accumulation of DNA damage to the gene sequences regulating cellular proliferation! Then, some of the cells organelles cease to function, which forces the cell into a primitive survival mode, much like my heart did! Normally DNA damage is 90% repaired in 24 hours (Proc Natl Acad Sci 1974 Jun) but if some of the repair mechanisms fail, cells must switch to the survival mode.

A cancer cell not only makes its environment acidic (as a shield, to help it survive), but also turns off Apoptosis or programmed death. Then, as those cells multiply, a tumor or uncontrolled growth forms, sapping the bodies energy, due to the very inefficient utilization of food in the primitive mode. You can survive with a huge tumor but if in an important organ, cancer rapidly destroys its function.

Recent work has shown that providing the missing nutrients to the damaged organelles in a cancerous cell can revive them and then through the many DNA repair mechanisms, restore Apoptosis and normal cell death. Essentially dissolving the tumor and replacing it with healthy tissue.

It has been said we all have cancer a million times in our life and it is likely true, as it is estimated every human cell sustains 10,000 gene mutations per day (Oncogene 2002 may 23) but our self repairing mechanisms have been able to repair the damage or at least to destroy the damaged cells before a serious tumor developed. The problem man now faces is that he is one of the few animals that modifies his environment and sadly not very wisely, leading to more cellular damage.

•We use destructive energy forms, producing excessive waste I.E. pollutants.
•We over farm our land, depleting the minerals (85% in 50 years) and thus get low quality food
•We then feed plants artificial fertilizer containing just a few essential minerals, perpetuating low quality foods
•We genetically modify food to make it capable of tolerating (absorbing) more pesticides, without regard to the effect on us. We then force other nations to buy our evils or cut their aid off.
•We continue to use know carcinogens, like Aspertame, long after they should have been banned
•We eat low quality food that is further downgraded by over cooking, over processing and then treated with dangerous preservatives and dyes.
•We use unnatural chemical drugs to mask health symptoms, instead of natural foods to treat and resolve our ills.
•We only nurse our young for a few months but treat the adulterated milk from a cow like the ultimate food, or worse yet feed our young an artificial milk made from soybeans, with its cancer promoting estrogen mimicking compounds.
•In our weakened state we then rely on supplements, but not really knowing what we are missing buy many refined or isolated compounds or minerals based on a good ad, rather then seeking a natural well rounded food!
Further, rapid destruction of our forests has effected weather patterns and thus rain fall, reduced oxygen levels and reduced subsoil up flow of minerals. We are destroying our own environment, so learn how to survive now!

Lastly, most of us take better care of our car then our own body!

Nutrients 101

DNA repair can be reactivated in a damaged cell, if the right nutrients are provide, as evidenced by the many "self" cures,  amazing faith healing's  and spontaneous remissions our Doctors see!

The problem is that you must feed all 100 trillion cells with all of the essentials of life and no one can tell you what exactly is missing! Thus, it is obviously better to get your nutrients from natural food, as they include a broad mix of micro-nutrients and phyto-nutrients that are not included in refined or isolated products. Face it, if you were so well informed to know exactly which nutrients you are missing you would not have gotten sick in the first place!

The most effective nutrient to protect against gene mutation is Chlorophyllin, (not to be confused with chlorophyll) and is found in the cruciform vegetables, like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussels sprouts and Cabbage, so add them to your diet! If you don't like greens (or don't want all the other great nutrients they provide), it is available in a concentrated (isolated form), but then you must buy a (100) other isolated nutrients to get the same benefit.

One of the most mutagenic and carcinogenic substances known is a plant mold called Aflatoxin, often found in grains and grain products,  so eat less grain products.

Next are heavily cooked meats and fish (damaged by the heat of broiling, baking, frying), so try to eat less or use less heat, as in a crock pot.

Next are nitros amines in preserved meats and of course pesticides remaining on most foods.

Reduce those poisons from your diet and half of your battle is won.

You can not avoid them all of the time but certainly can reduce their intake. Just remember, a well done hamburger is twice as carcinogenic as a medium rare one, A double burger is twice as carcinogenic as a single. You must also be sure you get all the required essentials, so those poisons you do get are easier to handle.

To get good food, look to the natural, unprocessed and concentrated ones, like seeds or nuts (avoid grains, especially genetically modified ones like corn), juices from fruits, vegetables and grasses, the so called green foods like spirulina and chlorella and of course eggs! (no, they do not raise your cholesterol)

Each is a concentrate of nearly predigested and well rounded nutrients in a natural and highly absorbable blend. An additional broad mineral supplement is sea salt, which contains most needed minerals but in the preferred soluble form.

The refined (sodium only) salt we use is another isolated (single) element mineral, plus the one we all get too much of, so switch today to any sea salt, even the poorest has over 30 bio-available minerals!

How did I rebuild my heart? Mostly with juice! I was pretty weak and rundown so decided I needed a food rich in nutrients and safe from man's processing or tampering. I settled on a partial juice fast, where I drank 2 quarts of grape juice a day by taking some every hour until dinner time. Breakfast and lunch were skipped! Snacks included nuts, viable (live not pasteurized) yogurt and cottage cheese.

My reasoning was three fold:
• Grape juice has a long history of health benefits and a few books showing up to 85% effective cancer cures, indication the ability to repair cellular damage.
•From prior research I found grape juice to be an effective cure of yeast infections due to (I believe) its solvent action and a slippery sugar, helping to detox by solvating impacted waste and to eliminate yeast colonies, the common cause of toxin absorption.
•Juices are a well balanced mix of pre-digested nutrients including many phyto-nutrients and thus a great food with no energy required to process or digest. Since you can utilize all of it, you need less bulk and thus have minimal waste to process!
A word of caution here, you MUST become a better shopper, to assure you get quality food! Juices in particular change labels weekly! That 100% juice you love may be only 32% or as low as 9% next week! You might think you could just drink more, but note the other ingredients now include added corn syrup (yup, from genetically modified corn). Also, try to avoid pasteurized juices, as heating kills most enzymes. Sometimes the frozen juices are 100% pure but read their labels also, as many juices now contain only 10% juice, so are really flavored sugar water.

Elimination 101

Obviously, poor food is not the only thing killing you, you also have to care for your elimination system as well. It is actually more important to good health then food! Consider the many that fast for months (182 days is the record, with water only) yet are in better health when done, primarily because one effect of fasting is to purge your body of accumulated toxins. They accumulate in your bowels and in your fat (yes, everyone has both)!

It is your bodies natural operating and survival function to absorb and reuse any body material needed elsewhere. A good example is calcium stores in the bones are used to buffer the blood, to keep the pH close to 7.35 (at 7.2 pH you are a dead duck)!

On a fast, the first to be utilized would be the fat we all have and then muscle and bone are recycled, to be used where more essential to life. With nothing but water intake, the elimination system is soon flushed clean, eliminating your bloods primary source of toxins. I.E. the less waste produced, the less toxins produced, stored or absorbed!

Fat incidentally;
•is produced to isolate and thus store toxins (felt lousy when you lost weight, as the toxins were released?)
•is withdrawn from the blood, when it becomes too acidic and is stored as fat (stop eating acid forming foods)
•is also made from excess sugar, converted by insulin to fat for storage (take no sugars in excess or too rapidly)

Only the devout can tolerate fasting (for more then a day) so the very next choice is a colon cleanse! I do not mean to suggest the inhumane, very unnatural rubber hose and epsom salts, garlic packs, etc. but the natural route; cleansing juices! You can not just eat prunes, grapes or apples, as you need to eliminate the production of waste, so you are truly cleaned out. Do juices!

I have tried and thus would not suggest you try to make your own juices or sprouts, plus realize perfection is impossible, so just buy the best you can and enjoy life while you regain true health.

I can detox in two days with just grape juice, having 4-5 bowel movements per day and clearly evident cleansing when my feces are almost a clear liquid and smell like fresh squeezed grapes! Those who take better care of feeding their car, then their body, may need weeks to get clean! They say that John Wayne had 30+ pounds of impacted feces when autopsied, probably from a meat and potatoes diet! Juices have a transit time of under an hour and beef has one of days, giving more time for putrefaction and feed your parasites! Who do you want to eat for anyway?

A recent finding by  Life Extension Foundation  confirms the benefits of caloric restricted diets (partial fasting) on overall health and longevity! While it has long been know that rats on restricted diets live up to 40% past normal age, the tools to verify the biomarkers of gene expression were just recently invented. These high density DNA gene micro arrays allow testing as many as 12,000 genes at a time. In 1999 Weindruch and Prolla discovered many of the genetic changes of ageing were reversed in caloric restricted mice.

"Recently BioMarker scientists made a major breakthrough by determining 70% of the age related changes in gene expression reversed with long term caloric restricted diets (over 2 years in mice) was accomplished in just the first 2-4 weeks of going on that diet.!" (ref. 6/2003) We can not directly relate those numbers to humans but it shows that in the beginning of a caloric restricted diet you make most of the gains. Stated another way, a 40% caloric reduction extended the remaining life span by the same proportion, wether starting at youth or old age. Proving it is never too late to start!

Being so new, studies have not been done yet to determine if periodic short term caloric reduction (partial fasting) has the same effect. They did find that caloric restricted diets enhance the breakdown and turnover of whole-body protein, as is evident in serious fasting, where building materials for repair must come from somewhere.

In any case, it is something you should consider doing at least a few days of every month of your life! Why not flush out impacted feces and parasites, reduce disease and cancer, regain health and live longer with a quality of life only a few now seem to enjoy?

Just think about it, if much of your energy go's to feeding your parasites, fighting off and breaking down pathogens and then repairing the damage, your health must suffer! When you have recovered your health, your system is perfectly capable of fending off all onslaughts, as it has done for decades.

Since nothing can wipe out "all" of your friendly bacteria, by feeding the remaining bacteria you can rebuild their population in short order. Fresh uncooked, unprocessed foods and fermented foods like sauerkraut, sour dough bread, beer, wine, mi so, tempeh, tamari, chutney, yogurt, cultured butter and cheese can re-supply both the friendly bacteria and many enzymes in a few days! You should ideally have a small amount of a few of these every day!

Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are from a large colony ruining the intestinal mucosal lining and thus allowing yeast and other unwanted materials to enter the blood stream. The mucus acts as the first filter, so is critical to filtering out toxins. The yeast may appear anywhere but a common area for men is in the mouth, called oral thrush, forming a white coating in small areas, as local yeast colonies grow, and in later stages lesions or cracks on the inner lips and tongue that are painful.

Yeast is common part of our intestinal flora and in fact they do some cleaning of impacted feces but if the friendly bacteria lose control, yeast can quickly take over the territory. The problem then compounds, as your essential friendly bacteria get pushed out, weakening your digestive abilities and the yeasts damage your mucosal lining and can then start invading other body areas.

I had oral thrush and spent a month of research before finding a cure - simple dark grape juice! Everyone, and I mean everyone, mis-led me, saying to avoid sugar, as it feeds the yeast, but I knew some sugars coat the tissue, making it slippery. Could I thus flush out a large yeast colony, which needs a stronger anchor point? The fact grapes cure cancer and fructosaccarides are suggested when taking probiotics and my belief fruit sugars can not be bad, led me to believe grape sugar might do the trick! By skipping breakfast and lunch, but drinking 1/2 gallon of grape juice per day (some every hour) totally cured my problem, including healing the mouth in three days!

For Candida my ultimate suggestion is a partial dark grape fast, for a few days minimum. Urinary tract infections are cured with cranberry for the same reason, a slippery sugar (mannose) binds to the lodging sites for bacteria and they literally slide out. Also for nasal infections use another slippery sugar (Xylitol), often sold as Xlear. The same slippery sugar (Xylitol) is used in gum, to prevent tooth decay. Like soap, they do not kill, just block the binding sites, so pathogens can not accumulate.


You may not want to read this section but believe me we all have parasites! Some are our friendly bacteria that aid digestion and manufacture needed materials for us, but there are many others just sucking up our food and often damaging us with their toxic waste. Our most common parasites live for a year, lay up to 300,000 eggs per day and sap our energy or food resources! Some are very serious, especially if they move into essential organs!

Doctors rarely tell you about them but ignoring a problem will not make it go away! Funny thing is that our Vet asks us to deworm our pets all the time. We get most of the same parasites they do, including tapeworm, roundworm, pinworm, hookworm, etc.

Doctors estimate that at between 85% to 95% of North Americans have parasites living in their bodies, causing illness, disease and "undiagnosable" troubles. Parasites are NOT just a Third World problem!

You likely have parasites living in your bowels, your bloodstream, your internal organs... even your brain!

Now if a worm wants to poop in my intestines, that is not so bad but when they do it in my lungs (round worm) or liver (liver fluke) or brain (pork tapeworm) that calls for strong action to rid myself of those suckers! For the stout of heart, visit  this Ohio State website showing the life cycles of many common parasites. The pin worm is most common, as it deposits eggs on the anus which can be picked up and spread by hands, bedding, clothing, bathroom surfaces, towels, etc. If one family member has them, all will get infected!

Fortunately there are simple measures to take, but since most parasites have (4) stages to their life, it takes time, usually 2 months or longer to break the cycle. They start as an egg, often on fresh vegetables, and are ingested by many animals. Then most hatch to the cyst stage, then larva then mature stage, living one or more stages in the body, soil or another animal. Popular natural remedies include wormwood, clove, black walnut hulls, garlic, etc. but most of these are very risky in large doses. I always look for safer more natural approaches.

The foremost approach is to maintain good health and thus a strong immune system, so your natural immune system can control them. Unfortunately, we are so overloaded with toxins, there may be no reserve resources to draw on.

Next would be to fast monthly, to help flush out the mature egg laying residents in your intestines and to flush out fecal deposits. Third, I would take food grade Diatomacious earth, a flour like powder made of glassy shells of sea diatoms, which abrades small parasites or eggs, causing them to dry up and die. It is included in most grains, at up to 2%, to kill bugs and their eggs or grubs and is FDA approved. A tablespoon daily for a month should do the trick. Another very safe and effective material is MSM, a natural source of sulfur which seems to prevent adhesion of parasites in the intestines. It can literally be eaten by the handful and has many other essential health benefits including stronger nails, hair and cells. Clinical testing suggests MSM has activity against a variety of parasites, including roundworms. It seems to discourage these infections by competing for binding receptor sites at the mucus membrane surface in the intestinal tract. ( Oregon Health Sciences University).  Click for all there is to know about MSM

While all of the above treat mostly the intestinal population, daily doses of colloidal silver circulates within your blood, where most eggs travel and of course reaches every organ, where many parasites settle in.

For prevention, wash your hands, food preparation areas and fresh foods grown in the soil, with a bactericidal solution or to avoid that Hospital food taste, use colloidal silver, which also kills the eggs rather then just flushing them off. Also, eating spicy and garlic foods can help wipe them out before they take hold.

Are there another zillion ideas on what to use? Sure, but most were thought of by Doctors, with their "Take these poisons, but not too much or you may also die!" attitude or only kill off one stage of the cycle and you reinfect yourself monthly.

Detox and My Diet

Realizing the benefits of "pure concentrated food" I still drink a half gallon of juices per day but now alternate between vegetable and fruit juices, to reduce total sugar intake and add variety to my mineral and enzyme intake. I only snack on nuts, mostly roasted sunflower kernels at only $3/pound or plain Vanilla yogurt.

I eat "fun" dinners like hot wings, a thick Rubin sandwich or sweet Italian sausage, because I enjoy them and have already had adequate and balanced nutrients! I limit alcohol to a drink with dinner or Sangria wine (fruit juice and fermented grape juice) before bed.

I take a tablespoon of colloidal silver daily to help kill blood born parasite eggs and as a general immune system booster. I also take, when I feel I might need it, a PhytoGreens supplement, mentioned below.

Detox is a universal feature in all religions, usually accomplished with a fast. You can get much the same effect and not have to sacrifice so, by drinking juices, that best suit your condition. A total detox means cleaning out the gut, by drinking only juices with proven flushing or cleansing action, like apple and grape. If need be kick start your detox with prune juice.

Some feel the best is grass juices, or algae like spirulina and chlorella, etc. but these are more for absorbing toxins, rather then flushing. Based on your condition, you may need to use all of the above. They are all essentially pre-digested, so a small dose needs to be taken every few hours, since the transit time is usually less then an hour! The same with colloidal silver, as the liver totally removes the excess in two hours.

One of the added benefits of juices are that you are relieving your digestive system from the extensive work and energy involved in breaking down food and disposing of toxic wastes. You are at the same time providing many missing nutrients which often are ruined by cooking, processing, etc.

As a self regulating living machine, our body stores essentials, borrows some when needed (like calcium from the bones to buffer the blood pH) and substitutes some when a needed material is not available (causes cellular damage but keeps them working). One of the best supplements I have found is Green PhytoFoods from Now Foods, Inc. A search on the web will give many selling that brand. It is the only one I found not tasting like green slime yet is very complete and well balanced. I tend to eat well, so rarely feel the need for it but use it and highly recommend it!

The point is that you must monthly or quarterly flush your system, to remove built up deposits (some have over 30 pounds of impacted feces), in order to allow your digestive system to repair and function properly. You must also release parasites, which we all have but no one wants to talk about or dispose of!

Do you need probiotics and enzyme supplements? Not if you eat healthy, as most unprocessed or fermented foods are rich in them, and with proper food they multiply our friendly bacteria rapidly. Every plant and protein has enzymes, part of natures way to return them back to earth after death - when life ceases they breakdown (rot) the matter. If you do have a genetic or disease caused defect, then you may need to take one or more enzymes on a daily basis. It of course never hurts to take a booster but do not get duped into thinking you must supplement everything.

I am 69, realize some organs have suffered damage from two heart attacks and normal wear and tear and thus I take CoQ10, B complex, fish oils and extra folic acid, as they are all essential to cell and heart health. My partial juice diet, nuts, love of pickled herring and yogurt provides all the enzymes, probiotics, phyto-nutrients and food value I need. With colloidal silver, as an aid to the immune system, I am as healthy and disease free as most young kids. I fully expect this late realization of the simple facts of good health (and their adoption) can add many years to what I thought was the impending end!


You have three very critical jobs to maintaining excellent health!

1 - Assure you take in all of the essential nutrients 

Make a serious but very easy shift in your food intake! As you age, cells start to reach the limit of their ability to divide, reproducing with damaged DNA and eventually you breakdown as too many cells reach that state. By providing all of the essential nutrients, and reducing intake of toxins, you naturally reduce damage and thus extend life in relatively good health. Eat more of the unadulterated natural concentrated foods, like nuts and seeds, juices, eggs, sea salt, phyto-nutrients and less of the carcinogenic foods like over cooked meats, refined sugar and chemical additives. You will get more of the cell essentials and also have less waste (toxins) to process.

2 - Control stress, tissue damaging pathogens, parasites and physical injury

Relax and enjoy life, do not try to reach perfection but put honest effort into reducing or eliminating pathogens and parasites. Colloidal silver, Diatomacious earth, MSM and lots of fluids are the bare essentials. Garlic and hot spicy foods also help. Do not get all involved in silly fads, which are usually a very limited approach to a larger problem plus are often risky. Just the above suggestions are likely 10 times more then you are now doing!

3 - Care for your elimination system and purge it of all waste or toxins

Make a commitment to detox often, to cleanse your body mass and elimination system! Partial fasting with cleansing juices like prune, apple and grape make it easy and enjoyable. You will be deep cleansing and thus allowing repair of the intestines, an essential organ for absorbing nutrients and for blocking toxin absorption. You will also flush out toxic impacted wastes and energy robbing pathogens and parasites.

Stop and consider how poorly you treat your body - you insist on eating (3) meals a day but put off dumping the putrid waste for a day or two! Your intestines are ment to be for nutrient extraction, not a toxic storage dump! If the toilet fails to flush, you react with great urgency, as you would never think of leaving that waste floating there - then why are you are willing to carry it around in your body for a few days.

Not just because it is my business but because you really need to know,  Ionic colloidal silver should be included in any health diet! While a tablespoon per day provides all you need, it is removed from the blood in a few hours by the liver so when ill or detoxing you need to take a teaspoon per hour. That is still below the safe EPA daily dose for life (70 years).

Ionic colloidal silver is the absolute best immune system booster, since it kills so many pathogens, relieving your immune system to police and remove mutant cells. I hate to introduce religion, as so many claim only theirs is valid, but if you examine all of them you find a common reference to "silver threads connecting us to our God head"! I truly believe silver has benefits far beyond any other material! It has proven to be extremely safe yet effective as an antibiotic, antifungal (copper is also, but risky in slight excess), highly germicidal and also an immuno-suppressive!

It is like magic on a burn - no blister, no pain, no redness and usually no scar, if applied soon enough to moderate the immune systems reaction of producing pain, a protective blister and inflammation. It has similar benefits on poison ivy and other skin rashes.

For external infections, allow time to treat them! Internally, your blood vessels and lymph system bath each cell every few minutes but externally bacteria have many unreachable hiding spots in your skins layers, hair follicles and pores, plus they may be on your pillow or clothes and thus reinfect often.

To Your Good health,

Fred Peschel, Engineer and Inventor