How to trigger a detox with ionic colloidal silver?

by Steven Taylor

Story? not yet, first, how do you ingest silver for a general detox?


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Sep 09, 2020
Ionic silver detox
by: Ron "Andrew"

Hello Mr. Taylor,

Thanks for the question!

I made a video of my personal testimonial of my Colloidal Silver Herxheimer Detox experience. Here is the link to it:

I was new to ionic silver and bought a high end ionic silver generator, and went for broke, consuming it by the glassful. Silver isn't a drug so I wasn't worried about a complication. The video tells the story of what I went through.

A friend of mine and also my oldest son followed suit and each had a strong detox.

In the following years, I've never been able to trigger another one. I'm guessing that the first one provided a necessary cleansing.

I can't say that by doing the same, a detox will be triggered. I've known people that triggered a herx detox (sudden die off of pathogens that creates flu-like symptoms but is not the flu) from iodine, vitamin C, and other stuff. I never expected my detox but glad I had it. I felt great after I flushed all the crud out.

I don't encourage people to buy large quantities in order to try to create a detox due to the expense. I treat ionic silver as a dietary supplement that supports the immune system. The intelligence in nature is breathtaking and I enjoy pondering the mysteries of how silver helps us stay well.

Best wishes,

Ron "Andrew"
BreatheFlex LLC

Disclaimer....this is not medical advice and not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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