Order Imprint Frequencies On Your Colloidal Silver Half Gallon!

Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Messages from Water, is the pioneer and leader in the arena of demonstrating how frequencies applied to water are memorized, how water IS imprinted by the environment we provide it through thoughts, emotions, music, etc....   Since water makes up most of our bodies and our planet, it is understandable to wish to enhance this critical component of life!

A Couple Imprinting Options....At Wholesale Prices!

Anyone browsing our Ionic Colloidal Silver Hydrosol site can attest to our wholesale prices.  We are pleased to add either of these two upgrades to your Half Gallon Jug purchase:

  • You can order pre-packaged Half Gallon jugs imprinted with the frequency 528Hz, which is believed to be central to the mathematical matrix of creation.  Imprinting this frequency is considered to be the starting place when deciding to modify water for spiritual and health goals. 
  • Or you can custom order your Half Gallon jug with ANY frequency or frequencies you choose!   Imprinting 528Hz is automatically included in your custom order.  We have nearly 6400 frequency sets to choose from using from several databases currently used by those with Rife RF frequency generators. 

Our Process

To properly imprint frequencies into your Ionic Colloidal Silver Hydrosol Half Gallon jug, we use the following process:

  • We start with water sourced hundreds of feet below the surface.  We don't use city water.
  • Our water filtration system not only reduces ppm's to 0.1ppm, it also deionizes the water which is critical for making high quality Ionic Colloidal Silver. 
  • We use only computer controlled silver generating equipment that produces the highest quality, pure and clear Ionic Silver available. 
  • We then filter out any particles and rerun the batch, increasing ppm's by 25%.
  • Now we are ready to imprint this Ionic Colloidal Silver.
  • We've invested in industry leading Rife-type frequency generators and use computer controlled software to use a proprietary combination of voltage, dwell times, duty cycles, offsets, etc... to ensure a consistent product.
  • These frequencies are applied electrically using the same silver electrodes we use to make your Ionic Colloidal Silver Hydrosol. 
  • 528Hz batches are kept in inventory and normally can ship promptly.  Custom frequency set batches are run when ordered and may delay shipping 2-4 days.

Ordering for Imprinting Frequencies?


Imprinting 528Hz runs an additional $12.50 per Half Gallon jug.  Each Half Gallon jug is a FOUR month supply when using it for daily supplementation. 

Our Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer still applies to the order, except for the cost of imprinting.  Total cost to imprint 4 Half Gallons is $50.  This is added to the normal discounted price.  $2.99 flat rate shipping on all orders.

Select Quantity/Discount

Custom Frequency Sets 

Imprinting custom frequency sets are a bit more labor intensive, hence the higher cost.  We charge $30 for the FIRST Half Gallon jug and only $15 more for the SECOND since we can process a full gallon at the same time.  Frequency sets for each must be the same.  If you prefer different frequency sets for each Half Gallon, then the charge is $30 each jug.

Our Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer still applies to the order, except for the cost of imprinting.  Total cost to imprint 4 Half Gallons is $90.  This is added to the normal discounted price.  $2.99 flat rate shipping on all orders. 

Select Quantity/Discount

NOTE:  YOU MUST EMAIL US your wishes for the frequencies or frequency sets desired.  We can assist in choosing from our databases. 

Email us at CSHstore@mail.com (mail, not gmail)

Please include a contact phone number as well.

If we haven't heard from you, then we will email you using your PayPal email address. 

Our frequency imprinting service is not intended to cure or treat any diseases.  No warranty is made except that we will produce a high quality and affordable product.  All sales are final for custom orders. 

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