Intelligent Design Evolution - Random thoughts

Hello friends!   What started as a reply to a wonderful exchange with a new customer evolved into essentially an article about my take on "intelligent design evolution".  I'm happy to share it here!

It looks like, from researching the web, that "intelligent design" and "evolution" are opposing camps, but not for me.  Evolution IS the intelligent design output.  Intelligent design comes from trial and error.  We see it in our everyday lives.  It's takes fails and successes to yield positive outcomes.

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Good Morning Jerry!   (hey, I just finished this's became an article I'm going to post...hope you enjoy...not trying to preach or anything....just rambling with a stream of consciousness!)

Thanks again for the order and for sharing your interests with me!  The package shipped this morning via First Class mail.  Hopefully, it will be there by Monday!

The stuff you've been researching is fascinating and I wish I was smart enough to see the mechanics of Tesla's work and of many others.  I really enjoy watching videos of those that can replicate and expand on what Tesla and others came up with.  

I myself have a Rife GB4000 and a couple Spooky2's.  I was really fascinated with the "quantum entanglement" stuff which was an early introduction to metaphysics.  As I mentioned, I don't research any metaphysical literature but I come across topics that actually are metaphysical like Rife, water memory, etc..., see what the researchers have to say and make correlations with daily life.   The "daily life" aspect is critical, otherwise all this stuff just becomes a religion, not an understanding.  If I can't find the practical application and benefit of something I've come across, I drop it and move on.  

For example, I recently came across this video and others:  Viktor Schauberger: "Water Wizard" The Nikola Tesla of water and his secret source of inspiration.

I imagine you're really familiar with him?  I could really sense the healing nature of water in a vortex where varying temperatures are also adding ice cubes to a glass and filling it with water, perhaps stirring it up a bit, while looking forward (intention) to enjoying the satisfaction (healing) from drinking it.  

And then looking at our method for making the silver hydrosol, we use air bubblers to agitate the water which imparts vortexes, etc...., for several hours.  When you look at how ponds are managed, they use a fountain....water in motion pulling air into the pond.  I know I'm preaching to the choir... :-)

As I became self-taught in energy healing (not Reiki or any taught healing art....self-taught through noticing patterns within my body and mental capacity), I realized that when I stare even momentarily at something energetic, I get a feeling of chills that is the same every time I repeat what I've done.  So maybe a year ago, I happened to look at our inventory of half gallon jugs and got that reaction and at that time I was thinking it was because of the silver.   Now, I realize it's because of the silver and the healed water that I'm feeling the energy from the jugs.  So I began suggesting to customers to keep these jugs on a countertop or somewhere that isn't behind glass because that way anyone nearby can benefit from the healing energy.  Glass bottling shields most of this energy release, but we mostly use food-safe plastics as the inventor of our process said that silver ions plate on glass, not plastic.  

I've always recommended that customers taking it as a supplement should swish it in their mouths before swallowing.  That was to get the saliva proteins to encapsulate the silver ions for safe passage into the body through the stomach.  Now, with the water education, swishing energizes the water, and this water "speaks" to all the water it comes past, helping to heal that water too.   It's as though water is a sentient being, just on a different scale as humans.  And IMO, that's what quantum mechanics is all about, recognizing this near instantaneious communication between particles without realizing it's communication between a type of consciousness that science hasn't figured out exists.  

Another example of this is our DNA.  We know it harbors libraries full of info and instructions....who uses this info and instructions.  I've got my theories, based upon my experiential research, but that's another long story.

And DNA is in essentially the shape of a vortex.

So to cut to the chase, I've been trying to figure out what life is and what the origins of life are.  And it appears that two things exist....intelligence and technologies.  My current perception is that intelligence is something that comes from nothing but becomes everything, creating technologies that it uses to become even more capable, therefore more intelligent.  

Some names of these technologies are:  consciousness (think of that as a sensor), logic, imagination, engineer (tells "energy" what configuration to hold), energy, instructions sets, and many more....32 is the number I've come up with so far.  So an analogy is look how fast humanity has progressed with today's computer tech vs. how slow it moved without it.  The growth in capability has exploded with these technologies.  

So I'm NOT consciousness, but I have a technology of consciousness.  I'm "intelligence".  Now, intelligence, when it's not corrupted with ideology (another topic), is empathetic by it's nature because it takes intelligence to recognize that the needs I have are also the needs others have, and I'm happier when my needs are met so they certainly will be happier when their needs are met.  This care for self and others is "love", the win-win.  So as pure intelligence grows, love grows.  And one of the technologies that I've seen that came as a result is that our innate logical processing is "win-win" when not corrupted by ideology and other tricks.  Traumas, perversions, addictions, dogmas, and habits ("conditionings" are the wholistic name) are mental tricks that modify our logical processes to create something other than win-win.  

So rather than wait for a new person to grow intelligent enough to become win-win oriented, the techonology of "thinking framework" is such that win-win ideas come out.   This framework drives "intention".  The intention of this framework is to automatically have friendship, synergy and love as the outcome of thinking through problems.  It's the basis for the teachings of the "golden rule" that every culture and religion have a version of.  So this framework is for the human spirit what DNA is for the body....a proven way to function that we can build upon past success instead of reinventing the wheel.

Just as a stagnant body of water is dead, just as stagnant air is dead, a stagnant person is dead.  These bodies are for animation, motion, a vortex of activity.   A couch potato brings nothing new to our existence and the water in the body becomes dead, leading to disease, IMO.  Physical motion stirs up the water within, healing it and pulling free electrons in for use.  My estimate is that 20-30% of our daily energy comes from sunlight or incandescent light and as the sunsets, we lose energy as a result, that sunlight is partially a "food" source for us.  So that makes nighttime a good time to go "inaminate" (sleep) so that the body can rebalance and repair.  

A dead person spiritually/mentally would be one that simply repeats and repeats the same thinking. This would be ideology.  To keep repeating the same thoughts/beliefs/theories brings nothing new to evolution.  Intelligence, therefore self, doesn't grow.  And that's what slavery is....daily repetition of the same life.  For intelligence to grow, therefore for love to grow, therefore so evolution to grow, therefore for life to become this continuous unravelling of the next new idea leading to the next new invention, we must free ourselves on anything mental that only exists due to repetition.  That's what habits really are....a chain on our mental capacity.  Traumas, perversions and addictions are mental chains of repetitive thinking about something.  These are thought control tricks and can be healed simply by realizing they are tricks and eliminating them and the source of them.  

Our true nature is to process what just happened, especially that which didn't go so well, and learn from it, not dwell in it.  To stop this self assessment is to stop the vortex of intelligence we each are which is to stop growth which stops evolution.  Our growth in evolution is our growth in intelligence manifesting in all these different technologies that I mentioned plus this tech called matter (chemistry which then intelligently managed is biochemistry).  Put all that growth and manifesting together, we end up with the world we live in and the people we are.  

Obviously, something is very wrong because while there is so much beauty and love in the world, there is so much evil too.  "Win-win" is another name for love.  Anything not win-win is "mental illness" in intent, thinking, ideas, actions and/or outcomes.  In spite of our best intentions, we don't always get the loving outcome....that's not what I mean.  I mean that "mental illness" is when we intend to hurt self and/or others, then you can be sure healing is needed.  We aren't built for that and pure intelligence is NOT this destructive intention, thinking or behavior.  It's truly stupid to be destructive, except for "destroying" (throwing away bad ideas that simply aren't manifesting anything but insurmountable challenges, like holding onto the idea that I can fly simply by flapping my arms....ain't gonna happen!).

Now, to wrap up this rant full circle, I see that intelligence exists because memory exists, that intelligence in part is the ability to spot patterns and memory is required to recognize patterns.  So if water has memory and water can be healed or damaged by its surroundings, then water can become "mentally ill" too.  Maybe it's a tiny little manifestation of illness in a nanosized molecule, but since the vast majority of our bodies are water, it all can add up to our bodies being "mentally ill" and perhaps that's a major driving force for the existence of disease or for disease to take hold.  

Perhaps medical and natural remedies too often fail because we aren't addressing the true cause of the disease, that what we think is the source is actually still the symptom.  Perhaps the first two things to fix are our own mental health (self-correcting back to our win-win nature which is hard to do in a culture that expects competitiveness and self-sacrifice) and to fix the mental health of the water within us and around us.  Natural remedies attempt help us with both but without consciousness awareness, we can be directing intelligent healing modalities to the symptom and not the cause.  

Let me wrap it up with that!  I hope you enjoyed this rant!  Here's a video I made on a related topic last winter and I think soon I'm going to try to put this rant into a similar form.

I would love to hear your story!  Please share whatever you wish and I will eagerly enjoy it!

Ron "Andrew"