Our Favorite Videos About The Monetary System

Our products and company was spawned literally from the information acquired from these videos that are about the worldwide monetary system.  Once awareness of what fiat currency is, how every time a fiat currency has every come into existence has failed, how the entire world is fiat....when all this came into view in addition to learning about why precious metals are real money, holding solid value over long periods of times for numerous reasons, our whole outlook about life changed.

Silver stood out as particularly interesting because it has over 10,000 uses, serving the whole of humanity.  In fact its total number of uses is second only to petroleum.  Clearly, if silver disappeared from existence, life as we know it would suffer greatly.  As an example, without colloidal silver hydrosol, we wouldn't have a needed alternative to modern antibiotics that are more and more ineffective against pathogens.  This can't be said for gold.

We Are Passionate About Natural Remedies!

Once introduced to silver as a hedge against the collapse of fiat currencies, we learned about colloidal silver hydrosol as a hedge against pathogens.  The logical next step was to purchase a store brand and try it out.  But right away, we knew this wasn't going to be a sustainable supplementation because of the terribly high prices. 

So the next step was to see if this was something we could produce for ourselves, only to find out that the internet is jammed packed full of contradictory information.  But after much research, we concluded that a homemade silver generator is best suited for a emergency use and a professionally engineered silver generator is best suited for personal supplementation and commercial production. 

The end result is this company and these products.  Many companies sell colloidal silver but we know of no other company that innovated silver-hydrosol-based products like our Lavender and Oral Blast sprays and gels.