My Silver Story

by Michael
(Benton Harbor, Michigan)

I heard about colloidal silver hydrosol from a commercial on a radio podcast I listened to about 14 yrs ago. After doing some research I decided to buy and try some. Best health decision I may have ever made!

I used to get colds/flu fairly regularly, and also had starting getting staph infections (2) in my early 20's. Since I started using silver, I have gotten maybe 3 or 4 colds in 14 yrs. I actually have waited to use it until I knew I really was getting sick, and even then they have been minor and short lived. I have not even had my nose plugged up to the point i can't breathe through it once!

I also have rid myself of staph. A friend of mine gets them in her hair follicles a lot and since turning her onto silver she does not get them anymore.

I have seen silver stop so many infections it is incredible. Just recently my 14 yr old pit Penny started crying nonstop, panting, drinking lots of water and urinating in the house, very scary moment for me! I came to the conclusion it was her time to go and made a vet appt. for her. I also gave her silver in her water for 2 days straight. By the time I went to the vet, she was feeling much better and all her symptoms were gone.

The vet said it is common for old dogs with tumors to break loose inside causing internal bleeding and blood pressure drop, (causing panting, extra water consumption), but she was stunned that in her old age she healed at all much less so quickly!

I have so many wonderful stories like this it is incredible! It is my go to medicine for all things pathogenic and for great reason!

Glad to have found such a wonderful product and for such a great price too!

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Jun 18, 2018
You made our day!!
by: Ronald

Thanks for such a wonderful testimonial about your success using silver in so many different ways for health!

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