No mildew smell with your colloidal silver ions on a wet carpet!

by Mhunpie

I wanted to mention something else I tried yesterday with the silver ion solution. When I arrived home after being away for the weekend I discovered that I had some flooding in the basement after heavy rains. The carpet was wet and beginning to get that "odor", you know, like mildew after sitting there for a few days soaking wet.

I decided to spray the entire area with the silver solution to prevent mold and bacteria from growing.
This morning when I went downstairs there was absolutely NO ODOR! It absorbed the smell and hopefully prevented the growth of any mold or mildew.

I may spray it again today to make sure I have covered the entire area. AMAZING! Even my husband was pleasantly surprised. I didn't tell him what I was using only said I have an idea for the carpet and went about my business.

Another use for this natural solution to many, many things and almost everything.

It is a MUST HAVE!

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