No More Sinus Headaches!

by Audra

I have been plagued for years with sinus headaches but tried something new that has worked wonders for me.

Using a small funnel, I poured some ionic silver hydrosol into a small, clean nasal spray bottle and sprayed the silver hydrosol up each nostril.

I made sure to get it up into my nasal passages. Within 30 minutes, the sinus headache was gone. This has worked consistently for me!

I am ordering more now, in fact, because our home cannot be without it. Thank you so much for providing a high quality product at such an affordable cost.

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Jul 26, 2019
That's incredible!
by: Ron "Andrew"

That's great news!

I had a similar experience last winter where I got some kind of constant nasal draining that I'd never had before. I suspected it came from the ear, actually, and was draining through the Eustachian Tube and getting into my nasal cavity that then was trying to drain away the pathogen.

It was extremely persistent! Never had anything like it. I only had a very mild fever for a day or two, but other than that, just this constant drainage.

So I did what you did, but using a squeeze bottle where I would sometimes use the ionic colloidal silver hydrosol and sometimes use the salt packages that came with the squeeze bottle. And I also noticed that a great time to clear the sinuses is in the warm shower so I would blow my nose there, plus pinch my nose and pop my ear drums to open up the Eustachian Tube to help is drain.

I couldn't get the ionic silver into the tube but was using it as ear drops. Gradually, the amount of drainage became less and less and today it's all gone. Very unusual for me as I haven't had any kind of ear infection since I was a kid.

Thanks again for sharing your story! It's these kind of testimonials of successful use that helps others discover this tool for well-being!

Ron "Andrew"

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