No recurring infections since using silver hydrosol.

by Kevin

I have been battling diabetes for some years now, and for the past two or three years have been having recurring infections in my feet due to sores that do not heal well.

In 2006, I had to have a toe amputated, and vowed then to never donate any more body parts to the medical establishment. Since then, and not wanting to resort to pharmaceutical "remedies", I have researched natural remedies. I have used other silver products with some success, but they were cost prohibitive.

I am so glad that I found Ron and his silver hydrosol so I can use it in the quantities that I find helpful.

I take approx. 4 oz per day (more sometimes), in divided doses and have not had another recurring infection in several months. And I haven't really been following my anti-inflammatory diet as well as I should, which tells me that this silver hydrosol is really the reason for the lack of recurring infections.

I can't thank Ron and his company enough for creating this honest product and at a price that is affordable to use in the quantities that I need.

I have also used the silver gel, which is great for bug bites and other annoying skin issues.

If you are battling infections or just want to maintain your current state of health, don't hesitate to use this product.

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Jul 27, 2017
Thanks for the feedback about our Colloidal Silver Hydrosol!
by: Ron

Hi Kevin!

That was an awesome report!

I'm sorry you've been have such a difficult time with diabetes!

Here's a link to a natural remedies doctor, Dr. Berg, on YouTube. I find his content very easy to follow and you may get many more ideas on how to help alleviate your health challenges with him.

I'm glad you're part of our customer family, thanks for the second order, and best wishes to you always!!


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