Outstanding Lung Exerciser and Customer Service!

by John W

Great Product AND Customer Service

Aside from my age and sex (61, male), I'll spare you my health and medication details. I will, however, tell you that my breathing has noticeably improved since I began using this device two weeks ago. It actually clears my lungs better than ingesting SSKI or NAC. Also, my SpO2 numbers have gone up by two points and have stayed there. (I wouldn't be surprised if they stayed above 95% from here.) There is much hard research on the effectiveness of such devices.

There are several types of lung expanders/exercises available online, but, being cash-strapped, I needed something that was affordable to me. I narrowed my choices to this and another, similarly constructed device, but went with the BreatheEasy because of its lower price and superior (lifetime) warranty.

I was anxious to try the device when I first received it, so gave it a go at its lowest setting. Frankly, I had a bit of difficulty breathing through it at first, but kept the faith and persevered. (Although I'm not physically wimpy, my lungs are. Besides, if it was easy, they wouldn't call it exercise, would they?) After about 15 minutes, I was able to clear my lungs of some major gunk (sorry), which I have disappointedly been unable to do through most other, natural means.

The only other thing that has worked this well for me is pursed lips breathing, which I keep forgetting to do. This device does the same thing except that it's impossible to forget when it's in your shirt pocket, beside you on the desk, or, especially, when it's between your teeth!

After a couple of weeks of use, my lungs are considerably stronger, as evidenced by the ease at which I can now breathe through that same, low setting. In fact, I now have to dial up the difficulty to feel like I'm doing something helpful. But I recommend that you go slowly at first and don't overdo. In my zeal to heal, I became sore and had to back off for a couple of days.

This thing really works for me, and I look forward to using it for a long time to come -- which is why the lifetime warranty is so important. Oh! On that subject, due to my own monkeying around, I had a minor issue with my device and wrote to ask them to send me one of the parts as a replacement. They responded immediately, politely saying that they would. Soon, much to my surprise, I received an entire, new unit instead of just the part I had requested. How's THAT for honoring a warranty? (Just stick to the manufacturer's included cleaning instructions and you'll be fine.)

To sum up, the BreatheEasy:
- is less expensive (by quite a bit) than similar devices
- has a lifetime warranty which their polite staff quickly honors
- is made in The States, and, most importantly
- works!

To your health!

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Mar 30, 2017

by: Ron

Wow! That's great news!! Your testimonial matches my own personal experiences, which is what led to putting this lung exerciser up for sale on the website.

Thanks again! Ron

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