Staying Healthy in a Flu Ridden World with Ionic Colloidal Silver Hydrosol

by Chris Plante
(Riverside, California )

My wife and I use colloidal silver each day. We run a music studio and are in contact with 200 people a week, nearly all of them, these past few weeks, carrying some type of virus.

My wife is on the same piano keys her sick students are on. Neither of us have come down with the flu that has afflicted so many here in Southern California this year.

We have boosted our immune systems with colloidal silver. We cannot thank enough. THANK YOU!!!

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Jan 21, 2018
Great story about using our Colloidal Silver Hydrosol to avoid the flu, thanks!
by: Ron

Thanks for sharing your story about how our Colloidal Silver has helped you avoid the flu!

Recently, I was reading a message board and one thread was about the flu and norovirus that is going around. So many people we catching it, and all the people on the thread either had gotten the flu shot or we rushing to try to find one. Not a single one of them mentioned any kind of natural supplement like Colloidal Silver or Vitamin C whatsoever. All we stuck believing that the flu shot and antibiotics were the way to go yet all of them were miserable and home sick from work.

In addition to taking our product as a supplement, I also take Vitamin C, especially if I do suspect a virus is festering. I simply start using the Colloidal Silver and Vitamin C hourly and haven’t had strep, the flu or a cold for several years.

Please take a look at our Lavender Silver Spray....we are sending a bottle in your order. One of the awesome uses is as a hand sanitizer. You simply spray your hands until wet, rub them together until your hands are dry and then you will have truly clean hands that are soft too! We mix lavender essential oil with the Colloidal Silver Hydrosol and also teach customers to do it themselves for convenience and to save money. :-)

Thanks again for your customer friendship and we appreciate hearing your success story!


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