The End Of All Evil by Locke FREE PDF eBook

The End of All Evil by Locke is outstanding!  It clearly depicts the world as it is....those in the minority that believe themselves to be masters of the masses, and the masses that allow this to happen by not having the courage to say "no".

From the opening chapter.....

The definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human
being. The definition of evil is the destruction of freedom.
Everything that is evil teaches people that they have limited

Truth is always simple. All people recognize truth because all
people are intelligent beings. It is the nature of evil to create
artificially complex ideas. It does this to hide or obfuscate the
freedom it destroys. If you remove the complexities and fears
from your life you will find a plain and beautiful truth. This
truth is the nature of your worth.

Value of man
To understand freedom is to understand the value of a person.
Everything that evil wants is to disguise and destroy your value.
All authority is created by evil men to disguise your worth. To
understand your own worth is to understand the nature of liberty.

The crucial key for understanding our world is to understand
the nature of evil. Evil challenges the value of people by
denying them the opportunity to make their own choices; by
denying them the chance to grow strong in learning and

While evil seeks to destroy or hide a person's worth, freedom
shows humans their full potential and their full value. With
freedom, people have loved, cured disease, removed hunger,
eased labor and lived in peace. With freedom, happiness is
possible. Freedom is the exact opposite of evil.

Everything written in this book is written to destroy the ideas
of culture and law. The lesson of this book is simple: nothing on
earth is more valuable than you.