The Lavender Colloidal Silver Topical Gel cured my toenail fungus

by Marie

Have you ever watched the British sitcom "Keeping Up Appearances"? It's very funny. Richard, the husband of the woman who is all consumed with keeping up appearances, gets athlete's foot - a fungus - he tells her. Hyacinth is appalled at this and says "No one can know!!! Only common people get a fungus. We'll say you have gout. Upper class people have gout."

I developed a nail fungus on two toes after surgery a few years ago. The podiatrist who did the surgery just said "there's fungus among us'. Really helpful. Botched the surgery too. When I went to see the orthopedic surgeon because a bone is sticking out of the bottom of my foot, he looked at the x-rays and said, "I have no idea what or why this was done to your foot."

I've been applying the cream once a day. It's almost gone. The thick part is going away and the new nail is coming in normally. It would occasionally itch and burn. That's gone. But the healthy nail is what I can't believe. It was SO thick and icky looking. It's wonderful. I thought I was stuck with this for life. Another doctor had told me that once you get this, you can never get rid of it. But it looks like she was wrong.

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