When I was first Introduce to Iconic Colloidal Silver I've Never Turned Back

by CrystalBumpers
(Los Angeles,Can. USA)

Iconic Colloidal Silver

Iconic Colloidal Silver

The first time I was introduced to Iconic Colloidal Silver it was during the pandemic. I have two digestive organs missing and I was always having a stomach digestive issue. Whether it was due to a lot of cold or mucus or too much acid, my system was disfunctional. I couldn't go any where because I was feeling sick all the time.

A friend of mine that owns a juice bar knew my condition and she told me about Iconic Colloidal Silver. So I tried it and it really does work. I'm traveling now (I make sure to take it with me)and I'm at full functionality and I will never turn back. I Love it.

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