Wholesale Colloidal Silver To The Public!

On this page we are offering wholesale colloidal silver hydrosol in 10 packs of 16.9oz/500ml bottles of pure ionic Colloidal Silver Hydrosol at rock bottom prices!  NO LIMITS! 

SAVE money buying in bulk or MAKE money reselling our product!

Whether you're looking to save big $$ or make a nice profit, buying wholesale colloidal silver makes perfect sense! 

Looking to save money?  Instead of buying bulky half-gallon or gallon jugs that are hard to pour and difficult to store, this offer instead is for 16.9oz (a little more than a pint) flasks that are super to easy to use and with so many bottles, you can keep them throughout your home or neatly in your pantry!

Looking to make money?   Who isn't??  At about $8 plus shipping of $2 per bottle, you're actually able to buy wholesale colloidal silver below wholesale!  Go to any health food store that sells it and you will see this size bottle easily selling for $20-30 per bottle!  Your $99 investment could get you $200 in sales at $20/bottle or about $100 profit!   $30/bottle yields a profit of $200!

Want your own brand?  We can ship your bottles without our label, allowing you to design and apply your own label, creating your own brand!!  

"How can you offer colloidal silver at such low wholesale prices?"

wholesale colloidal silver in priority mail box

We can offer wholesale colloidal silver actually below wholesale cost for a couple key reasons!

First, our equipment is top-notch and our production methods are exceptionally efficient.  We never have to reject a batch and rarely reject a bottle.  Our product is consistently good each time!

Second, all of our front end production and back end administration and marketing are done in house.  We don't pay expensive ad agents, web designers, etc....  We keep overhead LOW!

Finally, we maximize the capabilities of flat rate shipping.  We're guessing the Postal Service loses money when we drop off our 13 pound 10-bottle box! 

We are passionate about colloidal silver hydrosol and want to see more and more people learn about it and use it.  What better way to make that happen than to make it affordable in bulk?

"Can you tell us about your product?"

Please browse my website for more information, but here are some highlights:

  • It's made with distilled and deionized water.  Our equipment will reject anything else!
  • We use .9999 pure silver
  • The process is computer-controlled, preventing particles and salts from forming
  • Our dedicated clean room ensures purity
  • After production, our proprietary method filters the product for crystal clear clarity
  • Post-filtering, the batch is rerun to attain max PPM, then bottled
  • Each bottle is visually inspected after filling
  • Each bottle is DOUBLE SAFETY SEALED with a tamper seal and shrink wrap
  • Each tamper seal is verified to be secure
  • Each bottle is carefully packaged, normally shipped via USPS
  • It's nature's anti-biotic having anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties
  • It's a backup immune system, attacking pathogens in a different way than the body's immune system (silver ions block critical enzymes)
  • It's contained in an easy to pack, lightweight food grade plastic FLASK (glass bottles are crystalline, possibly causing the silver ions to crystallize themselves)
  • It's pure ionic, containing over a TRILLION silver ions per teaspoon
  • It's good for internal and external use, and for countertops, pets and plants
  • It's non-perishable because silver ions are a preservative of the water they reside in and the silver ions permanently stay in suspension, constantly repelling each other
  • It's bottle shape is flat meaning easy, compact storage
  • It's non-toxic as the ions are eliminated within two hours of ingesting
  • It can be used by the teaspoon, in a eyedropper, in a nebulizer, or a spray mister
  • It is said to defeat HIV and H1N1, which are viruses
  • It can be used to disinfect countertops and wounds/burns
  • One bottle is roughly ONE MONTH'S supply PER person daily supplementation

Wholesale Colloidal Silver - 10 Bottles/$99 Shipped! 

  • FREE Shipping to U.S. only, int'l extra
  • NO LIMITS on quantity
  • Share with friends and family
  • One Bottle = One Month Per Person
  • Save $$    Make $$

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