Your Colloidal Silver Hydrosol keeps saving me $100s in vet bills for my pugs (dogs)!!

by James Stamulis
(Fort Myers Florida)

I have 4 pugs who get sick time to time with ear and throat infections and I found that at the first sign we use an eye dropper of your Colloidal Silver Hydrosol in the ear, massaging the ear well, that it usually nips the problem in the bud.

If our dogs start a coughing problem which they get from eating the wrong things in our yard I put some in a dish with a little bit of milk to entice them and after a few doses the coughing is gone in short order. I believe it has saved us lots of money in not having to go to the vet nearly as often.

All the mentioned of course applies to us adults as well.

The price here is such that average folks can afford to buy this wonderful product!

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